Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Dragon Boat Festival with lotsa Glutinous Rice Dumpling

Dragon Boat Festival is also known as Duan Wu (Mandarin) or Tuen Ng (Cantonese) with a history behind it… understand more here..

Anyways, “bak chang-s”… Well.. I actually had few… and now a bit scared of it already.. haha… I used to be a “bak chang” fan… I do believe I am still now… I love anything out of glutinous rice, be it “bak chang”, “ketupat”, “nasi kunyit” with chicken curry, “loh mai kai”, “loh mai fan”, “tapai”, “pulut inti” and the list goes on and on.. but one thing with it is that it’s very filling and one can never savour too much of it… not good for health too :D

When I was staying in hometown, I get to enjoy a lot of home made “bak chang-s”, my aunts would make them and bring it over.. and my mom will usually buy all the ingredients and get her 2nd sister to make, sometimes will help out too :D During then, I eat “bak chang” like every meal… hahaha… and it can go on for 2 to 3 days…teruk…

This year, I bought them myself (It’s actually pretty expensive now, each “chang” will cost from MYR2.80 each and up to no limit depending on the ingredients)….. my friend gave me one too :D There are many kinds of “chang-s” (glutinous rice dumplings, in mandarin they call it “zhong zi”, cantonese, “chung”).. Bak/kiam chang (Pork/savoury glutinous rice dumpling) is one of the most common one.. the usual essential ingredients are pork meat, chest nut, dried shrimps, mushrooms and salted egg yolks. Some they will add in beans.. and with the rice, it will be wrapped in bamboo leaves and boiled in hot water… I actually prefer the ones with peanuts… but it’s rarely found… CK Lam’s homemade changs by her mother-in-law has got dried scallops somemore… wow.. this is premium “chang” category.. read about it as she share the tedious process in making changs…

My friend in Singapore told me there are more different type of “chang” there.. some with abalone, and colourful ones I can’t remember.. what a revolution..

Another one that most might sought for is the alkaline glutinous rice dumpling, also known as “kee chang” or “kan sui chung”. When I was buying mine yesterday, many were actually asking for “kee chang” but it was out of stock.. pretty last minute also la… reason being, I think it’s also for offering during praying, perhaps to Kuan Yin. “Kee Chang-s” are usually in smaller package, eaten with gula melaka/brown sugar thick syrup. I don’t fancy it though..

And the last one was savoury+sweet combination chang… which the glutinous rice is not cooked with soy sauce, so it’s in original colour and the ingredients are crushed peanuts and sweet winter melon strips mixture. Not really a favourite.. I bought it the moment I heard peanuts… well, thinking it was the “bak chang” I’ve always been looking for… hahaha…


Few different changs from different stalls sold nearby my house…. and I still have some in my fridge… how to finish la… :P


Tightly wrapped in bamboo leaves and secured with bamboo strings… Bamboo leaves actually gives an extra flavour to the “chang”… that is the difference with the normal “loh mai fan”



Unwrapped and tadaaa! All the ingredients inside…


This has got extra ingredients, extra meat i think, MYR 5.00! I bought one just because I was curious on what I can find in the “chang”… autopsy results shows… see for yourself ler :P


And this is the combination sweet and savoury chang…

Perhaps I’ll go learn make chang and open one stall next year.. muahaha… and bear in mind to sell kee chang during the last minute… it goes out of stock in most stalls… So I can hike price and earn more… so keji… muahahahaha… am just kidding about hiking up the price okay… cause most will buy it for prayers.. Kuan Yin will punish me leh, if I do so… I believe in karma :P

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