Friday, May 1, 2009

Noir from Starbucks Coffee

A visit to Starbucks got me committed a sin. A heavenly sin though cause I sunk my teeth into one of the cakes available….. Noir, a piece of some kind of chocolate cake or soft biscuit, covered with dark chocolate  and topped shaved strands of dark chocolate too… it looks like a porcupine…


One of Noir’s meaning is black/dark in French.. It’s read as “nwar” just like the pinot noir.


How does is taste like.. hm.. if you are a chocolate lover, then of course you will like it a lot… but because it’s more to a soft biscuit, rather than a cake, if slightly dry and the texture is harder than a normal moist cake.


It’s only a small piece costing around MYR8.00, so thinking back again, it wasn’t a big sin after all, it was more of like an indulgence, a reward to self :D haha… i am so finding excuses for myself….

sb3So, my defaulted order in Starbucks would be the Green Tea Frap, around MYR 12.00, i think, and the bottle of Giant Peach Tazo Tea is at MYR 10.00. The Tazo tea have go real strong peach scent… yummy….

sb5 Starbucks in support to the mother earth, less napkin, more plants…

sb6 Pretty empty…. means…. recession… :P

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