Friday, May 1, 2009

Pork Spare Ribs (Pai Kut Ong) Fried Rice King, Taman Pekaka, Penang

When I first taste the fried rice, it was many years back when they are operating at Happy Cafe, the one facing the main road. Then after a couple of years after my first try, they moved to the coffee shop behind, opposite Maxim Dim Sum restaurant.


They have few other options, from plain fried rice, salted fish fried rice, chicken curry rice, fried bee hoon and more.


But my all time favourite is the pork spare ribs fried rice.. the rice is actually very plain fried rice, with eggs and light soy sauce.


The key ingredient is the spare ribs which are coated with flour and deep fried, and then cooked with some kind of sweet & sour sauce (tomato and chili sauce). Pork ribs then placed with the fried rice with sesame and chopped spring onions sprinkled on top. The sauce complement the fried rice and it somehow taste really good with the succulent spare ribs… I tried to cook at home but it’s just not the same… haha… perhaps the fried rice although simple but fried with strong fire, it taste just better… I can’t remember how much it cost already.. I think around MYR4.50 to MYR 5.00. Not sure if the price has increased or not.


The char koay teow is also not bad.. i tasted only a little cause my friend always take his char koay teow, fire burning spicy hot! I sometimes wonder if his taste buds have gone malfunction or not…


But he said it was okay… not bad.. just a bit oily… as usual.. char koay teow, if it’s not oily then it’s not called char koay teow… MYR 3.00 or MYR 3.50.. if I’m not mistaken.. getting older.. next time must take one little notebook to write down the price.. hahaha



Deep fried salted fish tofu…not bad.. although deep fried, not very oily… flavour is not very strong but just nice… it has like powdery/dusty texture on the crispy thin skin.. besides the bean curd, they have belacan fried chicken as well..

There’s another stall selling lok lok too… Business operates from evening onwards...

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