Friday, May 1, 2009

Sg Nibong’s Claypot Bak Kut Teh (肉骨茶)

To some, it may be a surprised that prior my stay in Penang, back in my hometown, I don’t recall going out for a bak kut teh dinner. Reason being, if we want to have back kut teh, my pa or ma will personally cook them, but of course with less spare parts (pigs innards) and with extra favourite of ours, pig’s tail :P So I have not really been exposed to outside Bak Kut Teh until I came to Penang.. haha.. sounds sua ku, but hey.. I’ve been having homecook bak kut teh lehhhh…..

I’ve been all along patronizing the Bak Kut Teh at Super Lai Lai along Mccalister road, opposite Agora Hotel (now known as Red Rock Hotel). But I have not been there for some time already and since I’ve been hearing about the infamous Sg Nibong’s Bak Kut Teh, I decided to go and try.


It was raining pretty heavy and the thought of having something soupy and hot supports the idea of paying this coffee shop a visit. It’s along Sg Nibong, and back row corner coffee shop. There’s another coffee shop in front facing the main road but if I could recall, they were saying the one at the back… there were not many customers the time I arrived.. but then the crowd starts to fill in after my order came..

bk1 bk2 bk3 bk4

Yau Char Kway also known as you tiao, one of the essentials in bak kut teh :D ;  with choice of white rice of flavourful yam rice in a small bowl, and mixture of finely chopped garlic with red chili and chili padi (bird eyes’ chili), mixed evenly with sweet dark soy sauce, and soy sauce for dipping.

bk5 The bak kut teh served straight from the stove when it’s still boiling hot…

bk6 It’s soup is somehow rather clear and thin compared with Super Lai Lai’s and ingredients are all in, but was not bad.. the flavour is not bad, soup refillable like most bat kut teh stalls… I still personally want to go back and try the Super Lai Lai’s cos you pick your own ingredients.. and every pot is made to order..  I can’t remember when was my last visit… but I heard they said it’s now expensive already…

bk7 Yau char kway dipped in the soup, eaten soft and hot… with the rice

bk8Nice big piece of my favourite pork belly… :D, the bean curd actually come in different bowl of soup instead or added in the clay pot together with other ingredients… i think perhaps they do not want the bean curd to be smashed beyond recognition when other ingredients added in…

bk10 Many customers also when the time I was leaving… so i made a conclusion that I came to the right stall :D and business is not bad even on rainy days…


The stall’s name in chinese which I do not really know how to read… I think it reads Wo Lai Yeh… something something rou gu cha(bak kut teh)… meal came up to MYR19, one claypot bak kut teh for 2, rice  and yau char kway… no beancurd, no oily vegetable (basically lettuce blanched in hot water added with oil, soy sauce added and topped with pork floss), and drinks separately paid. I have not eaten bak kut teh for a while now, so I guess the price had gone up so high.. and they said Agora’s expensive… I’ll go find out :D

He have 2 huge pots of stock which means business must be good but I find it quite dangerous to have it placed there since it’s also a walkway for customer. there’s not extra “fencing” between the pots and the walkway and its height is at round your thigh. It should be placed at the other inner side of the stalls or anywhere that will not post risk to anyone.

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