Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pak Husin Tom Yam, Sungai Ara, Penang

My colleague brought me to Pak Husin located at Sungai Ara after a late night work some time ago… It can be easily seen from the main road with it’s tom yam pot shaped lights at the top of the restaurant… and it’s very similar looking to Bangkok Tom Yam on the theme, the interior, the tables and chairs, the wood carved beams, the kitchen and all. So I’m not sure if they are related or so happen they appointed the same designer.


Patrons fill in the empty seats real fast, business is brisk and service is fast too! One thing about most Malay stalls/restaurants, they very much trust their customers, which is good. They do not take any payment from you upon serving, with no fear of you running away and leave without paying. Once you’re done with your meal, you are to head to the counter and inform the cashier what you had, and he/she will then calculate the price, all based on trust.

ph1 Sirap Limau (rose flavoured syrup with calamansi lime), Teh Ais (iced milk tea), and Carrot Milk

ph3 Fried Tom Yam Noodles, which the portion is a little bit small but nice..

ph4ph7 Thick spicy and sour mix tom yam soup (seafood and chicken meat with vegetables)

ph5 The mango chicken… was basically deep fried crispy chicken, chopped into pieces, topped with raw mango shreds, red chilies and cili padi with the Thai sweet chili sauce.. well.. it’s not very nice actually… the mango shred was quite thick and tasted just so so…

ph6 Fried rice with chicken ala padprik (Nasi Goreng Ayam Padprik), my friend said it was okay… but to me, I personally prefer Bangkok Tomyam’s version.

ph8 Nasi Goreng Pattaya,  fried rice wrapped in thin omelette with chilli sauce on top…

ph9 Tasted normal but not bad.. at least the rice is properly fried with lotsa ingredients added in… Overall, they served extensive range of fried rice and other specialties and fast service despite and big volume of customers coming in…


Elaine Toh said...

aiyo...the last time i went there on sat nite, i waited more than 30 mins for my food to come. Reason being, the chef went for prayers at 7pm...its dinner time and he went for prayers!!!
after that, the ppl that came before us got their food, and we are still waiting for ours..
the food is not so nice. I'll never visit there again..
I still think bangkok tomyam is the and good!

Wenlynn said...

Haha.. luckily I don have to go thru the 30 minutes wait!! BUt maybe I was there late too.. around 9 plus...and yes... I agree that bangkok tomyam is much better... flies aside... :D hope they can do something about it..

elaine Toh said...

really bad experince....maybe i went during the weekends so there are a lot of ppl..but who on earth will move away during the peak makan time??
sigh :(

Siew Goh said...

yummy..... look at the tomyam soup.... yum yum

Wenlynn said...

haha.. goh.. look very spicy red and all right? haha.. actually so so only.. :P maybe because the ingredients are not super fresh big prawns and all :P