Monday, April 20, 2009

Bangkok Tom Yam, Bayan Lepas

Bangkok Tom Yam is situated slightly down the road opposite Restoran Mak Long, another Malay operated restaurant, specializing tom yam and variety of fried rice and dishes. It differs from Mak Long as in Mak Long offers the nasi campur (mixed rice), just like Chinese economy rice kind of concept. Bangkok Tom Yam is like Malay zhu char.


It has got nice tables and chairs with wall fans attached on the ceiling.. they should have more of them cause with the weather, these small fans just could not do the job right… :P


One issue we faced, and i believe known to many patrons, besides the good and yummy food they serve, there is always unwanted visitors around… FLIES!!! and lots of them… it could be very annoying when you are trying to have a peaceful lunch session but ended up one hand eating and the other one fanning and moving around chasing the flies off… the could just put the sticks dipped in glue or “balek ko” so the darn flies would just go and get stuck and eventually die…. oh gosh… i sound so cruel pulak suddenly…


Nasi Goreng Padprik/paprik Ayam.. MYR4.50, basically fried rice topped with padprik/paprik stir fry chicken.. the sauce is usually a mix of kicap manis (sweet soya sauce), chili sauce, soya sauce and oyster sauce, stir fried with onions, chilies and vegetables.  This is a recommended dish… Another one recommended is the Nasi Goreng Daging Merah

bt4 Simply delicious… the flavour is just nice… it would taste as nice is it’s with plain white rice… so you can also opt to order for Nasi Padprik/paprik Ayam…


The mixed tom yam which is also recommended. I’m not sure how much is this cause it was paid by a friend :P The soup has got rich tom yam flavour and the soup is not too thick and too thin.. i would say it’s just nice…


A complete meal, rice with chicken and sambal belacan.. the sambal here is good too! paired with tom yam and a cool glass of sirap limau…

I will still go back.. perhaps to just pack and go.. unless the flies issue has been resolved… the food is actually good and the seating and tables are all nicely set up.

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