Monday, April 20, 2009

Sweet Soup Desserts (Thong Sui) from Bukit Jambul Hill

Last Saturday, after sending my clothes to my regular laundry place near Desa Golf, on the way driving up the slope along the old International college, suddenly thought of buying bananas at the Bukit Jambul Hill. So far, only there I can find this type of banana easily.. It’s sold at the foot of the hill, at a small fresh vegetable stall… they have few types of vegetables and it’s usually fresh looking with leaves size bigger than the normal ones.. the seller said their vegetables are not sprayed with fertilizer or any chemicals. I can’t remember the name of the banana, must go home and ask my mom :D but it’s usually fat looking, white flesh, smooth and sweet, perfect for pisang goreng or to just eat it like that. It’s not like some which is dry or “siap siap” taste. Sometimes you will find one or 2 seeds inside but this batch i bought so far, seedless.

The fresh vegetables are also very tempting, but since I have no plans cooking this week, I didn’t buy them. Next week perhaps… usually they will have few stalls in the late afternoon, one selling vegetables and some fruits, one selling purely fruits, on durian season, you can see durian stalls and there’s a laksa and drinks stall as well.


While walking back to my car i noticed this auntie with her little stalls selling few types of sweet soup desserts, like sweet potato in mild ginger soup, glutinous rice balls in mild ginger soup, mung bean dessert soup, not sure if there was red bean, gingko longan and white fungus dessert and i think there’s a couple more. She have few small pots and desserts pre packed in transparent plastic containers. So happen I intended to cook sweet potato ginger soup dessert the next day, so i thought why not just buy them since it’s already well prepared.


Some of the desserts are still hot and some getting warm, i bought 3 types in the end :P


The sweet potato in mild ginger soup dessert, glutinous rice balls in mild ginger soup dessert and the white fungus with gingko nuts and longan dessert.



The glutinous rice balls in mild ginger soup dessert @ MYR2.00. With generous amount of the glutinous rice balls which are soft and chewy. I would prefer stronger ginger taste though, but i think she done it mild to just cater to generally fit everyone’s taste. And it’s not too sweet, just nice to my palate.



Sweet potato in mild ginger soup dessert also @ MYR2.00. The sweet potatoes are cooked just perfectly with the outer later of the sweet potato cubes slightly hard but very soft once you give it a bite and chew. Also prefer with slightly stronger ginger taste in the soup and perhaps some sago would be nice :D It’s also not too sweet, just nice.


White fungus with gingko nuts and longans dessert @ MYR 2.50. It has got a generous amount of white fungus, gingko nuts and longans. I personally is not a gingko nut fan but sometimes I just eat it for health sake. The gingko nuts are pretty large in size and good thing it’s not bitter. all three ingredients complements each other very well. This is slightly sweeter than the earlier both, but it’s not called “thong sui” (direct translation, sugar water) for nothing right?


The gingko nut and longan…


Look at that…. very generous amount of ingredients…

Auntie said she only cook limited only, all in the small pots… guess she’s just doing like small business and of course to prevent leftovers. I asked her if she sells there everyday, if I hear her correctly, she said she only sells on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, if I am not mistaken la.. :D

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