Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pork Bee Hoon (Rice Vermicelli) & Porridge, Ho Ping Coffee Shop

A friend introduced this place to me, I was darn sick and she thought that it would be best for me to have something clear and not the fried stuffy food. So, I accidentally came to know about this place. :D. It's a roadside stall selling pork bee hoon and porridge beside Ho Ping Coffee Shop located in Penang Road/ Kampung Malabar junction, a corner lot, opposite the old Kayu Nasi Kandar. Their business hour starts from late afternoon around 5:00pm onwards to late.



Your order will come with all the pig’s innards (spare parts) from brain, kidney, intestines, liver to mince meat as your ingredients, but as for myself, I will pass the brain, “hun cheong”(direct translation would be powder intestines) and the liver. Too bad they do not have my favourite pork stomach. My friend’s order usually comes with additional kidney, her favourite. You can tell them which ingredients you do not want and which ingredient you might want to add. It comes in clear broth that can be murky sometimes if all parts added in, but adding flavour to the soup of course.



There are choices of thick or the thin rice vermicelli (bee hoon), and also rice porridge. Also added in is the “tang chai” (preserved Tianjin vegetables) for the extra zest, topped with generous amount of chopped spring onions which my friend spends real hard time picking them out.



Inside the coffee shop also has a stall selling white plain porridge and rice with a selection of dishes to go with, something like economy rice. Also got to know that there is a famous lor bak stall but never manage to try as I usually go pretty late for the bee hoon. But if I’m not mistaken, my colleague once bought it to the office years back when I was in Dell.



It’s a corner lot small coffee shop and if you are not to order any drinks, be prepared to pay MYR0.40, reminders available on the walls.

Ho Ping Coffee Shop
Jalan Kampung Malabar / Penang Road

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