Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sate (Satay) Kajang Hj Samuri

I have never tried satay Kajang before, so I do not know if this, Sate Kajang Hj Samuri is the best and most authentic satay kajang available or there is more Kajang has to offer.. hahaha. During iFoodex in PISA (Penang International Sports Arena) last month, they had various vendors and stalls offering different type of food and cuisine across Malaysia from different ethnicity and race, like nasi dagang, keropok lekor, chicken rice, char koay teow and many more. One caught my attention… Satay Kajang… they offer various type of meat, from the basic chicken and beef, to lamb, tripe, fish, rabbit meat (oh poor bunny) and deer meat.

But the line was so long and I was too tired after work, i decided not to queue and go home instead. The i remember that my brother is still in PISA. He’s studying Culinary Art in KDU and whenever there’s function like this, he will be spending his time there, more of an exposure to self as well.

Anyways, not wanting to miss the opportunity to try, I sms-ed him, trying my luck to get him buy the satays home… haha… he said he’ll try but the next message came, he said the line is still so so long… hmmph… so i thought, no fate la to add some fat to my spare tire that night… muahaha…. i told him it’s okay, then don’t have to buy already la….


After a while, he came home… with…. hahaha…. my satays….…..!! Yay!


So i unwrap the packet and have everything all arranged on the plate, and apa lagi… dig in la.. haha.. not yet.. take photos first…


He bought 10 each, chicken and beef satay… the chicken satay is a MYR0.60 per stick. The beef is at MYR0.60 also per stick, i think… can’t remember… i remember clearly that the rabbit meat satay is at MYR1.60 per stick, and deer meat satay is at MYR1.30.. and they offer nasi himpit and ketupat as well…


Juicy and tender satays,  BBQed/grilled to perfection…

sk2   Satays of course must go with peanut sauce….


and lots of it.. dip it in and savour every bit of it… I have to say it’s indeed nice and pretty reasonably priced as well. Thanks to my bro, I got to finally taste my first satay kajang.. I am so jakun…. :P

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