Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chinese Swimming Club, Penang

I was recently invited for a dinner with my friend’s family and friends at Penang Chinese Swimming Club… It was rather quiet and not many patrons that night.. perhaps because it was raining too… The restaurant is just next to the pool so you can hear screaming boys in the pool playing water polo…


The menu pricing all lined up and  I personally feel it’s a little bit pricey for the portion.. We ordered few different dishes with small portion each…


Marbled tables and chairs


Fish curry, I’m not sure how much but it seems it’s charged MYR5.00 per 100g of fish meat.. curry was good.. not bad…

29 30

Broccoli with three types of mushrooms – MYR 10.00, the dried mushrooms are bitter… I’m not sure if it’s meant to be or not..


Loh Han Chye – MYR 8.00


Kai Lan Venison – MYR 12.00, the venison was not very tender but the gravy was not bad


Fried soft shell crabs with salted eggs, MYR20.00. I did not try this but looking at the outlook itself, hmmm… well, you can see that it’s like oil soaked and i have the feeling that the moment you sank you teeth on it, you’ll have mouth full with oil, all squeeze out of that poor crab… and my artery will be blocked in no time…


Chicken Cashewnut – MYR 8.00


Fragrant Fried Prawns (Kam Heong Prawns) – MYR15.00 for i think.. 3 or 4 pcs of prawns.. i did not try this too…. lazy want to shell the prawns :P


The rain stopped and the water polo game begins…

37 38Photo session with the host and friend.. thanks for dinner :D


Overall, dinner was just so so, not very impressed. The curry was okay though… the rest was just so so…

Chinese Swimming Club, Penang, I guess already known to many of it’s location.. It’s located in Tanjung Bungah next to then Sea Horse food court (now i’m not sure of the name.. they keep on changing the name) and Naza hotel. Parking is at MYR3.

Chinese Swimming Club

No 562 Jln Tanjong Bungah, 10200 Penang


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