Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nasi Padang, Jusco Food Court, Queensbay Mall

A good friend introduced me to the nasi padang from the Nasi Campur corner at the Jusco Food court, and he claimed it’s very nice. But not wanting to have too much rice, I thought I’ll just pass and eat my typical and defaulted food court order, the sizzling hot plate chicken noodles.

He however insisted I should try a little, so he ordered his with additional rice so I can have some too :D There are a long list of selections, on how you want the rice to be accompanied with. They offer other dishes like grilled chicken(ayam panggang), stir fry spicy chili squid rings( sambal sotong), grilled squid (sotong panggang), grilled fish (ikan panggang) and much more.

I could remember one set, rice with ayam panggang (grilled/bbq-ed chicken) with sambal sotong (spicy chili squid rings) with rice, some stir fry vegetables and omelette slice, topped with curry gravy cost around MYR13.90. Suitable for big eater or even for sharing basis.



He took the sambal sotong set, with additional rice accompanied by stir fry vegetable and omelette slice @ MYR8.90+MYR1 for the additional rice.. pretty expensive for little additional rice.



The sambal squid though came with generous portion and on the rice, you can have as much of lemak/creamy curry gravy as you want. The nose piercing aroma of the gravy is just.. ahh.. i can’t find the word to describe but it’s just really yummy… and sinful too… cause it’s it’s rich with coconut milk… you might find yourself constantly swallowing your saliva and all you want to do is just to dig in! The vegetable is just normal stir fry cabbage and plain omelette with some spring onions. I had my first spoonful and all i can say is.. uhmm.. so sedap! (delicious!)


The sambal squid is also really good, the squid is tender and not too chewy and the flavour is strong and aromatic. It’s cooked with small little anchovies for the extra oomph fragrant and taste. Goes really well with the rice… The portion is really big and if you are not a big eater, this one plate can be shared among 2 person, or maybe even 3 person with additional rice. My friend who is also a big eater could not finish his meal too, despite already feeding me with few spoonful of rice already. Shouldn’t have add rice ler.. haha….


The sizzling hot plate chicken noodles MYR5.50 or MYR6.30 with egg added.. MYR0.80 per egg!.. anyhow, this will rarely go wrong… haha.. but perhaps I should widen up my selections instead of the defaulted order every time I pay a visit to any food court.


Full house during dinner time, the crowd is always there during peak hours but will slightly slow down after that..


I noticed that in this Food Court, they actually have really large food selections… you will be spoilt with loadful of choices from different cuisines and you might even ended up standing for few minutes in front of each stall to study their menu while trying real hard to decide on what to go for. Only one problem here is that you will smell like food court when you exit the place.. haha… but if the food is good, I don’t see any issue to smell like it too :D and to compare with other food outlets around, the price is of course much reasonable.


Siew Goh said...

i want to try the nasi padang!!! never knew that there is such a nice food in the food court...(it looks really delicious from the photo and your description)
but have to stay there and get smoked... :P

Wenlynn said...

haha... actually i seldom go to the food court too... cos the smell will stick to you for the rest of the day... hahaha... but same goes to other places oso la... and i also just noticed that actually they have so many choices, i also see until kong kong... but my friend intro the nasi padang.. haha.. i tempek a bit.. sedap... u can share if scared kenot finish...