Monday, April 20, 2009

Azuma Japanese Restaurant, Queensbay Mall

My colleague told me she wanted to have Japanese food after our half day work last Saturday, and asked me if I wanted to join her for lunch.. Since I have all the time in the world, I agreed and off we go to Queensbay mall. Initially she wanted to go Yataimura, but since we have not tried Azuma yet since the day they open their doors to customers, I suggested we go and try instead.


Entrance of Azuma, nicely designed.



The menu opens up to a large selection of dishes and meals, and the price is pretty reasonable. Of course it’s more expensive than the franchised and overrated outlets like Sushi King and Sakae Sushi, but I personally feel it’s pretty affordable if we are to compare with other Japanese restaurants out there.. I’ve read many that have complained about the service, but good thing I do not have to go though any service nightmare throughout my dining experience there.. Maybe lunch time is not the peak hours for Azuma… cause i can see many empty tables available…


Green tea, available in hot or cold, MYR1 each, refillable


We chose the seat at the counter with the kaiten/conveyer belt… Initially wanted to try some of the sushi but I got all full after consuming my set meal…


My colleague’s Shake(Salmon) Teriyaki Set @ MYR 28.00


Served with 2 piece of salmon


The set consist of white rice, upgradable to garlic rice @ MYR2.00 and others at different amount chargeable. Also chawanmushi, salad, pickles, miso soup and fruit slices. She commented that the food is not bad and very much value for money.


I ordered Chicken Teriyaki Set @ MYR18.00


Served with 4 medium sized pieces of deep-fried chicken coated with teriyaki sauce..


All sets consist the same items, which are the rice(upgradable), chawanmushi, salad, pickles, miso soup and fruits slices.. The chicken is juicy and tender although deep fried and the sauce taste good with the rice..


Yaki Gyuza @ MYR8.00 served with Gyoza sauce, slighly different with others that serves with black vinegar and ginger


We find that the gyoza is also not bad, juicy in the inside and blends well with the sauce… The waitress actually recommended few other dishes like the cheese maki that comes in pieces and we could opt for half of the portion at around 60% or was is 50% of the original price, if i hear her correctly. But afraid that we are unable to finish, we decided to try them on the next visit.



Interior nearby the counter seats…


Another dining area overseeing the view of the Penang bridge


Dining booth for couples are also available…


Counter seats by the kaiten/conveyer belt.. the sushi selections moving around the belt are actually very tempting.. they all look very fresh, appetizing and prices varies from MYR2, MYR3, MYR4, MYR6 and MYR8, all colour coded by plates.


The drinks counter with seats for waiting customers



And our meal was completed with one small scoop of green tea ice cream… it’s very nice and could be better if it’s topped with Azuki beans… and bigger scoop :P hahahaha…

We both overall felt that the dining experience is pleasant, the food and the ambiance is good, affordable with ample selections and the service is not that bad :D. Anyways, we’ll go back again to try other dishes we did not manage to. Will post more up after the next visit.

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