Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hock Chuan Biscuit Centre, Air Itam

I believe there are other different shops of the same concept on Penang too.. but this is like the first one I’ve ever been… hahaha.. and I’m so bad.. I took these photos without permission..(oops.. sorry) but i can’t help it… There are so many huge jars containing loads of biscuit choices, crackers, preserved fruits, pickled fruits, nuts and many many more!!!


It’s located same row with Kee San coffee shop and the huge Indian barber shop..


It brings back a lot of childhood memories… cause you get to see a lot of those biscuits that you had when you were a kid… like the ABC shaped biscuits, the animal shaped biscuits,  the bread stick biscuit in various sizes (don’t think of other stuffs ok) that goes very well with kopi o (black coffee), chocolate wafer biscuits and many more. Some of these cannot be found in supermarket..


These are the biscuits I get my mom to buy when I was a kid from the sundry shops… I loved following mom to the sundry shop and choose the biscuits I want and go home a happy girl! During that time, we don’t really have all the biscuits like the ones we see in supermarkets racks now, nicely packed, little and overpriced and it’s rather expensive compared to ones selling in sundry shops and biscuit shops like this…


Jars and biscuit tins everywhere.. Feeling like a kid all over again.. wanting to have all of them! perhaps I’ll bring mom over one day.. hahahaha…

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