Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chilling out at Bailey’s

Went to meet up with old friends for catch up session at Bailey’s Krystal Point. Of course besides catching up, need to fill in hungry tummy, piling up energy to talk more :D



3 Photo session as usual… haha..



Yummilicious chicken wings, they always made it so juicy and tender, and very flavourful too.. I can’t remember how much… MYR 11.50? or MYR 12.00? somewhere there la.. This was ordered from their kitchen itself… kitchen closes on Sundays…


Wild boar curry… another specialty of theirs… It’s not always available… so you have to check with them when placing orders…. MYR 10.50 per serving with bread.. this photo is a lil bit blur though…

7Spicy  Sambal Pizza ( Shredded chicken, anchovies, red chillies, green peppers and onions) from Dominos.. MYR 32.80.. Oh ya.. i think i mentioned before that one thing good about baileys is they let you order food from the few restaurants and outlets nearby, like the next door Japanese restaurant, Hana/Soba Yoshi, Mumbai House, Eighteen and also Domino’s pizza.. you can place the order from Bailey’s staff.. you can order from El Mondo if you want and take in yourself ..

9 Mini Taiwanese sausages, deep fried MYR 8.00



Photos with the boys before I excuse myself home… :D

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