Sunday, April 19, 2009

Krispy Kreme opening at Times Square!!

Krispy Kreme is opening it’s first outlet in Malaysia at Berjaya Times Square next week, 27th April 2009! Ready to kick JCo, Big Apple and Dunkin’s asses.. muahaha… i personally have not tried JCo’s due to the long line all the time… but I’m very sure it’s so much better than Big Apple’s and Dunkin’s.

I had my first bite last year in Hong Kong and fell in love there and then… I wish I’ve had more.. haha.. but now it’s here!! yay! although it’s in KL, but it’s somehow still nearer and I can go grab some when I’m in KL this coming May :D I hope it’s not jam packed with long queues like the normal sight at JCo.

Saw this from Krispy Kreme Malaysia website… So I guess there will be long queue that day, penuh ke-kiasu-an…. muahaha… One year supply of doughnuts for the first customer… aiyo.. after that I wonder if the person wanna still eat doughnut after that… after one year maybe become doughnut face d lor… :P


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