Monday, April 20, 2009

Kopitiam Batu Maung

One of my regular lunch place is at Kopitiam Batu Maung, located at the same stretch with Batu Maung’s OCBC.  first it’s because it’s near to my office and secondly, they offer variety of food here. Previously it was not packed as it is now. I think they have changed the owner and also the food stalls. 



We regularly patronize this stall, previously selling at Pretty Good Cafe at the opposite row few blocks away.. Not sure if the one operating there now is owned by the same person. You can easily recognise the auntie, cause her face is always really red.. due to the heat I guess… This stall have got few options to choose from. They have bak kut teh (not very good only), Fish Meat Bee Hoon Soup (Fried fish or fresh fish meat and thick bee hoon or normal thin ones), fish meat (fried or fresh meat) porridge and pork meat porridge too.



I will usually go for the thick bee hoon with fried fish meat, and salted vegetable  soup base. You can opt for normal fillet fish normal soup too if you are not fond of salted vegetable.. MYR4.00 each


Fresh meat beet hoon with salted vegetable soup base


Next stall my colleague also like to patronise is the chicken rice stall… as normal, they offer roast chicken, the tender steamed chicken or fried chicken and not sure though if roast pork and char siu is available…



The aroma of the chicken rice is of course very tempting… add on with the tender steamed chicken.. hmm.. really good! Chicken rice price differs though.. i can’t remember the price :P


Heard from my colleagues that this char koay teow uncle used to sell at somewhere else and is pretty famous too…


Char Koay Teow with the essential ingredient and fresh large prawns too.. MYR3.00


This char koay teow uncle also offer another dish, the tomato mee (noodles) MYR3.00. Uncle has got the soup one or the dry one (as per photo), taste something like mamak fried noodles, or the Chinese fried jawa noodles. Fried like char koay teow, i guess he added in tomato sauce, mix vegetables, bean sprouts, sausage cubes, onions and large prawns… It tasted not bad but only with one issue…


Look at the amount of oil! it’s pretty much soaked in oil.. haha.. my colleague joked that it’s supposed to be oily like char koay teow.. haha.. guess not all good food is healthy :P next time must ask uncle to reduce the oil… I went back to the office and gulped down cupS of tea… in the attempt to wash the oil off..


Singapore Fried Bee Hoon here is also not bad, slightly drier than the normal ones, MYR 3.00.  They also offer Fried Hor Fun, Hokkien Char and more.

Overall, a good place for lunch… it’s not as stuffy, selection of food is also not bad, value for money and other stalls available are the Pan Mee, Wan Tan Mee and the economy rice stalls.. Oh ya and they have got one super loud lady that takes order for drinks… haha…

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