Monday, April 20, 2009

Harvest In Cafe, Irrawaddy Road

Hear about this place form a friend and she recommended this place for it's nice decor, good ambiance and afforadability of the food offered. I went for dinner with Goh last Saturday, since we have not meet and catch up for nearly a couple of months. We actually went out quite late, leaving home around 9:00pm with no directions of where to eat until suddenly, Harvest In just popped into mind and I drove all the way there, well, hoping we’re not too late for last call at least, cause they are closed at 10:00pm.


Arrived there to find a VIP car park spot right in front of the entrance.. haha… not many people already that time… walked in and greeted by a lady and guided us to out seat, it’s a small room with around 4 to 5 tables. The main dining area was pretty empty already. And we’re lucky they still serve us rather than telling us they’re closing already… it was around 9:30pm that time. But noticed that the couple on the next table has also just started with their soup when our order was taken.


The cashier counter view from my seat, at the corner of the room.. the chairs are really cute..


The main dining area with black and white concept. Harvest In’s interior is pretty much emphasizing on classy with simplicity and not overdoing it.. they have loads of wall clocks though, and it’s for sale.


These wall clocks are made of class which is unique on its own way. Besides wall clocks, wall decorations and many more also available. It’s all from i-box design. They have a shop in Kelawei Road. These clocks is selling at MYR 139.90 if I saw it correctly.


hi4 hi15

They will send you your utensils and sauce and pepper after you are seated


The view from my seat, overseeing Chow Thye Road

hi6 hi7

We ordered set meal and how set meals work here is, you choose any of the main course, then you add up MYR 4.90 to entitle for a cup of coffee/tea or peach/lemon tea, cold or hot is up to your preference. We both chose peach tea, hot and cold.


With the upgrade to set, we’re also entitled for a soup of the day with soft bun and butter. Soup is generous portion of creamy mushroom soup which is not bad to my liking, creamy with tiny mushroom bits.



My choice of main course was the fish, Catch of the Day, MYR 13.90. It’s grilled fillet of fish marinated in Cajun and some other spices I could not remember, served with sauce (tasted like satay sauce+mayonnaise), accompanied by buttered rice and daily fresh vegetables. I asked what fish it’s going to be and if I heard correctly, she said it’s sole fish. Cos if she said it’s the so called dory fish, like the sutchi fish, I would not want to have it… I would prefer fresh fish fillet.. one thing with sutchi fish besides the scary emails they sent on how contaminated sutchi fishes are, it actually tasted weird… it has the.. I don’t know how to explain it but it’s like fishy and chlorine like taste. Very unfortunate that this piece of fish had that taste, no matter how heavily spiced it is. Else it would taste so much better. The rice is good and the sauce is special in it’s own way.



Goh’s Chicken Corden Bleu MYR 12.90, deep fried boneless chicken stuffed with chicken ham and cheese, served with brown sauce, mashed potatoes and daily fresh vegetables (coleslaw on bed of lettuces with broccoli florets and julienned carrots. She seems to enjoy the meal but since she was having sore throat, she removed the crispy bread crumbed layer coating the chicken piece. Portions of our main courses are just nice for us but for the ones with big appetite, you might consider on extra snacks.


Dessert is also part of the MYR 4.90 top up entitlement. A small piece of cheese cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.



The view outside the premise.. pretty isn't it... On overall, I would say the ambiance is good, and the price of the food is affordable. Menu selections is not huge but sufficient enough for you to crack your head, just to make a choice. They have around 11 choice of poultry, 1 jumbo sausage, 6 choice of fish, 2 selections of lamb and 1 steak choice. It’s a pork free dining place. I’ve not really manage to browse more on the menu cause i was busy talking :D They serve combination of both western and oriental cuisine, with affordable and reasonable price tags.



Harvest In address as above with map. It’s easy to find actually as it’s not hidden and visible, at the corner lot.


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