Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kee San Coffee Shop, Air Itam

Another zhu char place I managed to try last week, I’ve heard my friend told how good it is every time we pass the coffee shop. It is located in Air Itam, basically opposite of Chung Ling Private… somewhere there :D It’s at the corner lot of the shop houses, there’s an Indian barber shop, tuition centre at the other end and Hock Chuan Biscuit Centre at the same row.

Photos for this makan session is rather blurry as all photos we taken in a rush… “paiseh” lar to interrupt my friend and her parents from eating although they very much know my photo taking tendency whenever food is served… sometimes i just tell them to go on.. it’s okay… but they are still being their very nice self , allowing me to take my time before they dig in.  Thanks Uncle and Auntie!

a The coffee shop and the zhu char place is the end of the corner, under the zinc roof next to the coffee shop. They have limited space under the zinc roof though… so if it rains, then there’s issue.. haha.. else, they will lay out tables at the open air space.


Also, there’s this Thai food stall, which did not affect much of each other’s business… both also having their own regular customers…


Urm.. the name of the zhu char, it reads mei wei, something something… hahaha.. i don’t read Chinese…. i know.. pathetic.. banana… look as the various choice of greens available… all nicely displayed to their customers viewing….

b  Apple juice, carrot milk and barley drink @ MYR 4.00


Clams, I have to go check what type of clams is this… but we call it “thanh”.. not bad.. the sauce was flavourful, and good thing, not too oily (i could not really figure how he work the sauce out though.. a lil bit spicy and sweet) and cooked just nice and juicy.. MYR 7.00. My friend prefer the one in Esplanade though…


Stir fry venison with leek and onion in black pepper sauce MYR 12.00, nice and very well done… portion was big as well… the meat was tender and juicy, the flavour blends really well together, overall, it’s one of the best I’ve tried so far.. thumbs up… a must try!


Fish meat in sweet and sour sauce – MYR 12.00, also a must try. The fish meat was fresh and it was cut in big pieces, perfectly fried before it goes in the sauce for a quick stir fry, accompanied by capsicum, onion, and pineapple cubes. The sauce is nice too.. Normally, we will get the bite size pieces elsewhere. Portion was just nice for 4 person…


Stir fry kailan with baby corn, button mushroom slices and medium sized fresh prawns MYR6.00… I can eat white rice with the gravy alone…  am i being too easy with food sometimes?? or is it taste so good??


The tom yam was ordered from he Thai food stall… looks good huh… hm.. it’s quite different in a way that the soup is rather thin, but still sour and spicy in a way… I’m not very sure, how much does this cost though…

So in total, the 4 dishes including rice for 4 cost at MYR39.80. Value for money, quality is there, ingredients are fresh (just look at the greens displayed), portions are generous (you can have second rice serving each) and food is just fantastic.

The next table of ours, they have like 7 person and they ordered liked 8 different type of dishes.. I believe they are regulars… the curry they ordered.. the aroma somehow did escaped and it smell so good.. perhaps will try that next time… and the steam fish looks really good too..

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