Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yea Pin Dim Sum Restaurant, Lagenda Heights, Sg Petani

I usually do not wake up early in the morning for a dim sum breakfast, be it in Penang or my hometown, Sg Petani, unless I really have to, parents’ request or a planned breakfast with friends. There’s a dim sum place nearby my house, but so happen a friend from Penang came over and I was bringing her touring the humble boring SP town from my house in southern SP until towards the north side of SP, I decided that we stop by for breakfast since it’s still early for lunch. It became brunch in the end :P

This was only my second time here, the last time I went was last year’s CNY with my babes. It was not that good the last visit but this visit actually change my perception a little. Perhaps it was full packed with people previously which explains the quality of the food that time. We arrived there around 10 something where the crowd starts to slow down on a Sunday morning. I managed to meet my cousin and her family too. Getting a seat is easy if you are there on a late morning in a dim sum restaurant.

yp1 yp9

We took a few types of steamed dim sum from the steam cart, and also the prawn salad from the deep fried cart. Choices were limited at that time though, cannot complain… it’s a little late for dim sum near to 11am… Tea choice was recommended by the lady who took the order. It was a new tea from Thong Guan, the Piao Xiang tea and they were having promotion where you buy one, which they will brew in a teapot, they give you another additional pack of the same tea and on top of that, few packs of 3 in 1 kopi O. Thong Guan is pretty known in SP and Malaysia and made famous by the Teh 888 brand name. The tea was smooth and indeed something new compared to the typical tea orders made usually.

yp2 Century egg with meat dim sum… quite a big piece… juicy and filling… one piece is enough… else you will feel “jelak” after eating the second piece

yp3 Something like siew mai, bigger in size with fresh prawns… also juicy and the prawns are very fresh…

yp4 yp6

Something like the same with different skin.. so happen most of the items chosen are topped with prawns, which was good choice made as the prawns are really fresh that day and all the dim sum are all piping hot and so juicy…


The har gao.. prawn dumplings also filled with super fresh prawns and the transparent skin is just nice. Did not dry up easily, not thick and so tender.


Also another siew mai’s friend, same size with siew mai with pea.. look at the juicy yummy pieces…

yp7Braised chicken leg.. this was not that wonderful, but I’m not saying it’s bad also la… the sauce is quite sweet.. perhaps I prefer the ones i cook myself better.. muahahaha… it’s fresher :P

yp8 The prawn salad, real fresh prawns wrapped with in like thin bean curd sheet, and fried to crispy perfection accompanied by smooth mayonnaise/salad sauce. This was the winner of the day… really good. Tea for 2, and the above orders came with a bill of around MYR 28.00. With the amount of fresh prawns I had, I have no complain on the price :D


yp13 Mom says there “ada angin” one.. sometimes it can be great, sometimes just  good, sometimes just so so, hmm.. very hard to fare if it’s really good or not… why not you tell me?

Yea Pin Dim Sum Restaurant

265 & 266 Jalan Legenda 10, Lagenda Heights, 08000 Sg Petani, Kedah

Contact ☎ 04-4219190

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