Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sky Buffet at Lee Garden Plaza Hotel, Hatyai

Lee Garden Plaza’s Sky Buffet  is actually listed as one of the must go/do if you visit to Hatyai… perhaps it’s because it’s cheap… only THB 169. It was previously THB 139, THB 149 and now, THB 169. Located at the tallest building in Hatyai, on the 33rd Floor, you get to enjoy the view of the Hatyai city. Lunch and dinner are at the same price, perhaps same spread as well.


Well, it is not the best spread or any luxurious buffet spread, but with only THB 169, you can’t complain much. They have basic spreads with half of it Thai themed food. And while you were there, you will not feel that you are in a foreign country cos all you see there, are Malaysians… all Malaysians!! it’s good if you go early before the crowd of scary aunties comes into the picture..

It is packed  during both lunch and dinner service. if you opt for the seats with a view, it could be a little hot during lunch hours when the sun is shining brightly at it’s best and the spread is located at the other side where you need to go up and down the stairs... Dinner time should not be an issue..



Food from the spread…   P1490003-1

2 types of soup available.. the seafood tom yam… spicy and sour.. nice..


And the fish maw soup… thick broth with generous amount of fish maw…


They have stir fired noodles and plain white rice…


Roasted duck..tasted not bad too..and it initially look nicer, but after the aunties and uncles start digging and stirring for the best piece of meat, it became like this…


Chicken with soy sauce.. nice and tender..


Braised Chinese cabbage with mushrooms and dried seafood..


Japanese tofu in gravy…


Minced chicken with basil leaves… spicy!!!


Rice noodles….


To go with the condiments here…


and the spicy coconut curry… on the left is the chicken green curry…


To many, this is also called the Thai Laksa… something  like laksa lemak… thicker version


this is also yummy!


the Asian salad bar.. fresh greens (cucumber slices, 4 angled beans/winged beans/kacang botol and long beans) and assorted seafood +sausages kerabu


The dressing are the super spicy sambal (shrimp paste spicy sauce) and the other one I’m not very sure what it is..


This is like my friend called it.. the king of sambal… it’s really spicy.. it stings! The tongue can go numb… very nice but be warned.. it’s really super crazy spicy…


the mixed kerabu… not bad as well, tangy and spicy..


To those who does not fancy spicy salad… they also have the normal western style salad with mayo and thousand island sauce dressing..


Stir fried spicy brinjal…


some kind like cucumber in light curry…

P1490036-1 The seafood tom yam soup…


The fish maw soup…


The deep fried chicken drummets… it’s yummy…



P1490054-1 Lastly, the desserts… desserst spread consist of freshly cut local fruits like pineapple, papaya and watermelon… jelly/pudding slices… some coconut milk dessert… and ice cream!


And this is the view you get from the tallest building in the city….

P1480991-1Night view should be pretty too… I would suggest to sit inside if you are there for lunch.. unless it’s raining cos it’s cooler inside… and nearer to the spread too :D

Sky Buffet
Lee Garden Plaza Hotel
29 Prachatipat Road,
Hadyai, Songkhla 90110 Thailand

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