Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pineapple Fried Rice, Sunshine Market Food Court, Penang

In continuation of the tom yam fried rice on the previous post, I’m just gonna add in the mentioned pineapple fried rice for your viewing pleasure…

P1480518-1Pineapple fried rice is also at MYR4.50 for a regular one and MYR5.00 for the big one. Rice is fried with chucks of fresh chopped pineapple pieces, an egg, a couple of prawns and mix vegetables. And I don’t think it’s halal cos the fried rice is topped with pork meat floss.. Accompanied by some spicy sambal. The sambal though cannot fight my all time favourite sambal from Johnny’s in which I also just noticed I’ve never really blogged about Johnny’s. Ok, will do it one of these days.. :P

P1480522-1 Well, the pineapple fried rice was okay… but if comparing to the tom yam fried rice, yes, the tom yam fried rice is something I would strongly recommend if you’re into stronger flavour.. usually, for pineapple fried rice, to me, a good sambal is a must :D. For a normal fried rice, the “wok hei” (high heat frying) is  a must, and mom’s or home cook fried rice is always the best, I have no complaints… :P

Stall 89 (Pineapple Fried Rice)
Sunshine Market Food Court
Bayan Baru 11900,

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