Sunday, July 17, 2011

Coconut Ice Cream, Hatyai

We bumped into this mobile stall selling coconut ice cream while we were walking around.. the coconut ice cream is different form the one I had in Bangkok in the sense it it served in a cup instead of the coconut shell on top of some coconut flesh… This is served in a cup, on top of sticky rice, atap chi, sweet potatoes pieces, bigger ice cream portions and topped with crushed/whole toasted peanuts.. cheaper too.. only THB 20 compared to the one in Bangkok, one scoop cost THB250, with complimentary coconut drink… :D

P1480982-1 Scooping the ice cream!


Finishing touch.. the toasted peanuts!

P1480985-1 My first meal in Hatyai… coconut ice cream for breakfast! and I can eat cups of it!

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