Sunday, July 3, 2011

Arulmigu Manalmedu Sri Maha Muthumariamman Temple, Balik Pulau

Since we were heading to the orchard for durian feasting yesterday, my colleagues said there’s a Hindu temple at vicinity.  So she asked if we could just de tour to the temple, so I thought why not? Since I don’t usually go to that area, I might as well go and offer some respect/prayers and get some blessings. The temple was close that time, apparently it’s rest time in the afternoon. But we still get to go look around. It’s my first time there.

Just to share few photos I’ve taken of the temple…. and because I have no knowledge about Hinduism, I’m not gonna say much also la… enjoy the photos :D

P1480666-1 P1480667-1 The guardian of the temple…


Lord Ganesha… guarded by the 5 headed snake..

P1480672-1 P1480674-1 The main shrine is the Pavarti, if I am not mistaken as my colleague mentioned that she is Lord Ganesha’s mother. Was not able to have a look as it’s rest time and the door was closed. Surrounding the shrine is 3 Goddess statues, one holding the sitar…

P1480675-1 One holding the lotuses..

P1480676-1Another one has got blue skin colour..

P1480678-1 This is the door to Goddess of Power, Pavarti. My colleagues refer Her as Ama (mother, i think)..

P1480679-1 Another shrine of Pavarti, I think as my colleague mentioned that this is the one they will carry during processions as they cannot bring out the main one.

P1480680-1 P1480681-1 And they have the Monkey God, Hanuman too.. just like Sun Wukong..

P1480682-1 The temple ground is located in a Malay village, surrounded by paddy fields.. it’s not near the sea… but look at the sand… it seems to be natural sand… like those near the beach…

P1480683-1 The location where the Lord Ganesha guarded by the 5 headed snake used to be, under the tree…

P1480684-1 P1480686-1 Surrounded by lush greeneries…  such a pretty and peaceful sight..

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