Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ri Feng Lou Seafood Restaurant, Sungai Petani

It was Father’s Day, so we went for dinner at this restaurant. It was previously Win Pin Court, and since it was changed to this new name and management, I have not been there. This is one of SP’s restaurant where wedding receptions are held besides the ever famous Jade Garden, and few others like Sin Long Fong, Kafe Siam, Kim Leng etc.    

Anyways, mom did the reservation and ordering in prior, and there’s only 5 of us…but the food actually came like for full table of 10! We were all stuffed, and good thing is the food is actually great!


First up was the Claypot “Hai Bi” (Seafood) MYR 45.00, one huge claypot with assorted seafood like sea cucumber, fish maw, assorted mushrooms, dried oysters… not sure if there were dried scallops and crab meat, can remember what else, with some “chai tnah” (sorta like brussel sprouts-bigger version) and the ingredients were abundance! Cooked with thick and smooth gravy and some “fatt choy”(black moss) and it’s yummy. it’s like a substitute for sharks fin soup. Mom commented though that the fish maw has some smell. But to me, it’s overall good. And this alone seriously can feed 10 people, and burp~ that’s it.


Closer look at the yummy-ness… my tummy is growling as I’m typing this..


Next is the Homemade Beancurd MYR 12.00. Deep fried beancurd topped with gravy with prawn meat, mushroom slices, I’m not sure that those shreds are… dried scallops maybe? and fresh greens… Also a not bad dish…


Thousand Island mantis Prawns MYR 25.00, also came in a big portion and this is something new. Usually, we will order fried mantis prawns either kung po style or sweet and sour style. And this came surprisingly good as well, deep fried crispy mantis prawns coated with mayo/thousand island sauce and curry leaves and cili padi for that extra hint of spiciness and fragrant..

P1470809-1 Lo Han Chai (Assorted vegetables) MYR 12.00 are just normal, nothing extra special.


Steamed Garoupa (Grouper, Kerapu/ Koaykau) with Soy Sauce MYR 49.00 was also at satisfactory. Fish is fresh (look at the white eyeballs –read it somewhere that it is indication of freshness). texture were good, smooth, just nice. Mom though, is not a fan of steamed fish… Ordered cos dad enjoyed eating it.. but then again, it would be wasted if fresh fish are not steamed. I enjoyed it as well.. :D

P1470827-1 Marmite Chicken MYR 15.00 was also good. But by the time the chicken was served, i was freaking full already.. Managed to eat a piece…Fried chicken pieces cooked perfectly, not too dry, coated with marmite sauce.. Chicken is not a very fleshy one though… which is good.. cos fat chicken/ayam battery is is scary. Must be injected with something. Went to Tesco the other day and I saw chicken drumstick as big as a turkey drumstick! Seriously I can hit you with the drumstick and you might faint. I don’t recall seeing a normal chicken drumstick that big…


Food for 10! Next time must ask them to make it all small. Overall, meal was satisfying. Bill came to MYR 170.00 inclusive of tea and peanuts. At first, they brought the wrong bill, it was only MYR 80 plus.. I was like seriously??? hahaha.. manatau wrong bill…cis…


Family photo… Happy Father’s Day, Happy Birthday and Happy Everyday, Dad.


Business was good, perhaps it’s also Father’s Day that day… Outside the restaurant at 7:00pm, parking lots still available… not anymore after 7:30pm.


They have another branch in Kangar apparently. Call in for reservation. You get your food served faster too if you place your order in advanced.

Ri Feng Lou Seafood Restaurant
No. 21, 19, 17 Lorong 14
Taman Patani Jaya
08000 Sungai Petani
Kedah Darul Aman

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