Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gelate, Tesco Lotus & Lee Garden Plaza, Hatyai

After a tour to the Municipal Park on a hot sunny day, we went to Tesco Lotus.. one of the reason is because, they are air conditioned and I was very much prepared to fill the trolley with lots of things! When we walked past this shop, both of us were like immediately and automatically attracted to it… colourful and pretty gelato!!

P1490163-1 Pretty… Isn’t it? Isn’t it?? like I wanna have all of them!

P1490164-1 You get to sample before making your choice… and either you have it in cups or cones… one scoop was around THB 40 or was it 45? Around there and 2 scoops was THB 80, or was it 85? pardon my memory lost… cos we were just all excited, ordered and off we go as happy kids!

P1490167-1This was one of it.. the green apple fruit yoghurt… it is not very sweet, with hint of the green apple sourness… smooth creamy and yummy… also tried the milky yoghurt which was also good.. and the blueberry which was tad sour… but overall, it’s smooth, flavourful, creamy and just fantastic…

P1490251-1 They have daily promotion on weekdays…

P1490252-1 The crowd though is not as much as the ones in Swensen’s.. this is the outlet at Lee garden Plaza.. I sometimes wonder why ice creams(Swensen’s) and gelato is cheaper in Thailand…

P1490253-1 The deco and interior is actually kinda cute.. even the website is cute (too bad it’s in Thai and I can’t read Thai!)… I like! Missing Gelate already…

Lee Garden Plaza
29 Prachatipat Road,
Hadyai, Songkhla 90110 Thailand

List of outlets:
1. GELATE@ Central World ชั้น 3 โซน eden
2. GELATE@ Central Pinklao ชั้น G โซน ลิฟท์เเก้ว
3. GELATE@ Central Rama 2 ชั้น 2 โซน ลิฟท์เเก้ว
4. GELATE@ Central Khonkean ชั้น 3
5. GELATE@ Siam Paragon ชั้น G ข้างใน gourmet market
6. GELATE@ Emporium ชั้น 5
7. GELATE@ Paradise Park ชั้น 3 หน้าโรงภาพยนต์
8. GELATE@ Lotus Haiyai ชั้น G
9. GELATE@ Paseo อ่อนนุช
10. GELATE@ Park Lane เอกมัย
11. GELATE@ Lee Garden ชั้น 2 ข้างลิฟท์ หาดใหญ่
12. GELATE@ Robinsontrang ชั้น 1
13. GELATE@ The Crystal Park เลียบทางด่วนรามอินทรา-เอกมัย
14. GELATE@ ศูนย์ราชการ เเจ้งวัฒนะ
15. GELATE@ CDC เลียบทางด่วยรามอินทรา-เอกมัย
16. GELATE@ Saree Lampang เสรีลำปาง

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