Sunday, July 17, 2011

Restoran Istimewa Chou Yang, Bukit Jambul, Penang

Sometimes, especially when I don’t feel up to the weather, I crave for a hot bowl of porridge or some soupy stuffs like koay teow thng... My usual porridge option is the one is super tanker… I will have fish + century & salted eggs porridge. Very unlucky of me that day, the porridge sold out, at only 8pm. :( I turn to my next option, the koay teow thng… stall was closed! ahhhh! I thought, okay fine, my last resort is the roadside stall selling the tom yam maggi place… they also have koay teow thng… and guess what.. it was not opened the other day too!

The I recalled this place, they serve teow chew plain porridge with dishes… besides porridge, one can opt to eat rice also… it’s like economy rice kinda place.. in town, yes, you can find a lot of this kind of shop selling plain porridge/rice with many dishes to offer.. in Bayan Lepas area.. the is the only one I know off..

P1480951-1Ordered a bowl of porridge and chose 2 dishes of so many others… the porridge is kept warm in an earth pot (tempayan)…


My choice was the pork slice with ginger in soy sauce… tender meat slices with slightly thickened soy sauce gravy… nice..


Mui Choy(preserved vegetables)..


They also have a selection of steamed soup…


Shop interior…

 P1480960-1 P1480962-1

Line of dishes offered… Also available is roasted duck meat… My bowl of porridge with 2 dishes (quite a serving) and a glass of dried longan drink comes to MYR 5.40.


Restoran Istimewa Chou Yang (Right opposite Bukit Jambul Complex)
Jalan Rumbia, Sungai Nibong Kecil,
11900 Bukit Jambul, Penang, Malaysia.

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