Monday, July 4, 2011

Durian Feasting with DHL Durian Party Crew @ Balik Pulau, Penang

Here are the photos of our durian feasting session in Balik Pulau on a fine Saturday afternoon…    P1480695-1   Look at those durians hanging on those thin branches…

P1480698-1Walking towards the durian party site…


Flowers from a plant with lots of red colour fruits….


I wonder what are they….

P1480694-1 All prepared for the durian feasting…

P1480701-1  Durian supplies.. don’t think there’s any premium durians… majority are durian kampung, in which we didn’t care much, just open and wallop…


Loads of them!


Check that out… yum!

P1480720-1 And this one too! :D


They prepared glutinous rice too.. to be savoured with the durians…


Besides durians, there’s also the other 2 seasonal fruits… the rambutans….

P1480726-1P1480733-1P1480743-1  And the mangoesteen! They said, durian must be eaten along with mangoesteen.. because durian is heaty and mangoesteen is to cool the body heat down…




The DHL Durian Party Crew…. nom nom nom…. all the way….

P1480749-1 The orchard….you will see durian falling off the tree from time to time…


The lush greeneries of the paddy field… pretty isn’t it…

Kampung Jalan Baharu
Balik Pulau, Penang

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