Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kuih Siput (Malay Sea Shells Snacks)

Got to know that one of my colleague’s sister in law is doing kuih siput business… I love kuih siput.. so does my mom… she ordered from her friend during Chinese New Year and we kinda finished it up quite fast.. cos it gets a little too additive, you can’t stop eating it… anyways, kuih siput is a Malay snacks that looks like little sea shells (siput means sea shells) and enjoyed by all races in Malaysia…
This is the pedas (spicy) version, it has chili and spices mixed in the dough and deep fried with curry leaves for that extra fragrance! See, I got a nice heart shaped curry leave in my pack :P Her sister in law sells individual small packs @ MYR 1.00 each, and by kilograms upon request. I think one big pack 1kg is around MYR20.00, 500 gram is MYR10. Slightly cheaper than the ones in Pekan Rabu (400g – MYR10), and it’s freshly made upon order! I can confirm it’s nicer than Pekan Rabu’s cos I just bought one pack to try and compare the other day from Pekan Rabu…and again, confirmed, kalah to this one…
I bought the small packs to much in the office in which like I said earlier, it’s additive and I have finished them up, all 4 packs within the week :P Of course if you buy in 1 kg, it is more affordable in a way, the volume should be slightly higher la.. basic business common sense la :P but the if i wanna buy 1 kg, I felt it’s a little melampau(too much) cos I kid you not, I will easily munch it off and add that 1 kg or more to my spare tyre … haha… anyways, taste wise not bad.. it’s taste a little like one of the kacang putih muruku.. the one that is not in spirals, but individually fat and short, finger sized, kinda hard type with hint of chili and spices.. this kuih siput taste exactly like that, but not that batu(rock) hard….

And good thing it’s freshly made… not those off the shelves, you do not know how long it has been there and some may start to have that old oil smell already… to me, making kuih siput is a tedious job.. cos it’s small and like so mah huan (troublesome) to make.. you need to mix and knead the dough, wait for it to rest, then have to make it into small balls, then press the small pea balls sized dough the kuih siput utensils to create the lines and roll, one by one.. aiyo… if I were to make it, it’s just gonna be names kuih bola (ball) cos I’ll just fry the dough balls and skip the  sea shells making..
With Raya coming in less than 2 months, it’s prime time to place orders on those raya cookies and goodies like this kuih siput, if you don’t plan to make them yourself la.. baju raya nak tempah memang susah oredi la by now.. kuih raya still sempat :D

So if you wanna place an order, let me know. I’ll provide you the contact number :D At this point of time, within Penang only ya…

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