Saturday, July 2, 2011

Claypot Noodles, Sin Hwa Lam Batu Maung, Penang

I’ve tried few claypot noodles, in which I rarely do… usually it’s claypot RICE and hot plate NOODLES… just sometimes I give it a change… So far, this is the claypot noodles of my preference… I have been disappointed by few claypot noodles in food courts (in shopping malls).. Why do I prefer this one, it’s because the gravy/soup is the ticker version, the ingredients is definitely far more generous.. and it’s at the approximately same price. The disappointing ones are those with thin plain soup, with just yee mee, minimal ingredients, plain bland + boring and they are just now my cup of tea.P1480148-1 This is my claypot noodles @ MYR 5.00, with thick broth, and abundance of ingredients like assorted mushrooms (straw and button), assorted vegetables (cauliflower, carrots, Chinese cabbage), black fungus, fish cake, char siu and succulent medium size prawn meat, with an egg. Look at the boiling broth…

P1480150-1 Yes, beware it’s freaking hot! You would not want to scald your tongue and spoil the whole eating experience.

P1480160-1 When you stir everything together, you see the “treasures” all over, it’s colourful, it looks and of course very appetizing. The noodles are just perfect, not the simply chuck one ball of dry yee mee in the pot, throw some fish balls and those processed ingredients, topped with a boring bland plain thin soup.


The claypot noodles is actually a quite a bit serving, ingredients are fresh, and it’s just fantastic. I have not tried others that has the same criteria nor I know of any as of now cos I’m afraid that the disappointing claypot noodles will be served to me.. I went to order twice from a food court in shopping malls (2 different food courts) and the moment I saw how they prepared it, I was like ah.. this is not the type I want… but no choice.. have to eat also la…

So far, only this one makes me happy. :D previous post here and here

Sin Hwa Lam Seafood Restaurant
16 & 18, Lintang Batu Maung 4
Bayan Lepas, Penang 11960
016-412 3535

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