Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sin Hwa Lam Seafood Restaurant, Batu Maung

Besides the yummy zhu char I’ve posted while ago, they also serve ala carte meals like fried vermicelli, fried rice, rice with one type of dish and sauce, noodles and more. There was a visit but I totally forgot to take photos… the fried rice with pai kut ong (ribs in sweet and sour sauce) is one of the best… so next time I go makan, I’ll post it up :D

We opted for lighter meals that day, so most of us had fried vermicelli and the guy of course must fill his tummy, decided to go for the rice… healthier version..

4 3

Singapore char bee hoon (fried vermicelli with tomato sauce etc).. nice and flavourful… many places offer Singapore char but some taste kinda bland… and why is it called Singapore char.. I don’t know… haha… go BING or Google urself… I notice that I start to enjoy food that I don’t favour during childhood times.. Like this Singapore Char or any vermicelli dish… I’ve always opted for noodles or hor fun instead… but now, sometimes I can crave for vermicelli (bee hoon)


“Lam” Rice… I don’t mean blue rice.. but it’s basically rice poured over with vegetable and some meat and prawns cooked in thickened gravy (kinda like sar/char hor fun’s gravy, oyster sauce, soy sauce etc).. oriental nasi banjir (flooded rice)… :P .. now you know why I said it’s a healthier version… more vege than meat :D

2 Tom Yam Char Bee Hoon (Tom Yam Fried Vermicelli), another flavourful choice… smells good and of course taste as good too…

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