Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Japin, Queensbay Mall, Penang

This is not the first visit to Japin… have been there quite a few times… but I do notice some changes during this visit… the menu has changed… some older items still maintained but of course there are also new items to choose from… the variety has improved… even the menu is a booklet type instead of the foldable one piece type of menu… of course I also notice the price change too… increase la of course :)

Anyways, to me, Japin serves pretty good meals… some do not enjoy as mush though… I’m not sure why… It’s Japanese base kinda outlet with a hint of something else… and if you compare to really typical Japanese eateries, I personally feel it’s not bad at all… even better than some I’ve tasted elsewhere… Portions are quite generous too…



Like any Japanese restaurants, utensils, chili powder, pepper is placed on every table… shoyu is missing though… Green tea @ I-Can’t-Remember-The-Price… something like MYR1 additional with every meal ordered…. I think.. can’t recall.. this is like a couple of months back :P


They have monthly Oishii Promotion… selected item at MYR7.90nett.. the selection is pretty limited so we decided to go for the ones in the menu…


First up, Teriyaki Setto (Sweet Sauce Chicken Set) @ MYR19.80++ My defaulted order..


Set consist of grilled yummy tender teriyaki chicken (but I felt the portion has gone smaller compared to my previous visit), potato salad and salad (cabbage) with some sort like thousand island sauce with a hint of slight spiciness…


Accompanied by miso soup, kimchi (pickled vege) and slices of watermelon.. well.. not forgetting, a bowl of Japanese white rice…


My colleague ordered Oyakodon (Chicken & egg with rice) @ MYR 9.80++


Another colleague ordered Shichimi Teriyaki Don Setto (Spicy Teriyaki Chicken with rice set) @ MYR14.80++ that comes with the same sides (watermelon slices, kimchi and miso soup)


Looks yummy isn’t it? The glazed shiny tender chicken meat pieces…. Crap.. I just got myself hungry…

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