Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jerejak Cafe, Jerejak Jetty Penang

There is this little cafe operating from early evening to midnight at Jerejak Jetty and my colleagues and I do sometimes go over to hangout for some drinks and chit chat lepak sessions after work…

It is actually a nice place, little open air corner with the view of the sea and also the nice night view of the Penang Bridge.

Sometimes, mosquitoes can be an issue for the sweet blooded people… myself, blessed with darker skin tone do not have much of a problem… or perhaps my blood is just not sweet enough… :P

They have a list of food items offered from their kitchen.. not much selections but still okay if you’re not picky… it’s a halal cafe, so no beers no liquor…


Normally we will just go for drinks… but few weeks back, since i did not manage to have dinner, i ordered the bee hoon goreng (fried vermicelli, malay style), basically stir fried with chili mixture, fish cake and spring onions…. taste wise, well, just okay… could be more flavourful… cos the one I had strong chili taste and that’s it.. spicy but it’s just somehow lack of something… hm..


Presentation wise, well not bad right… :D and that’s my apple juice with sour plum… can’t remember how much but I think it was around MYR 6 for both food and drinks….

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