Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Malay Chicken Rice, next to Batu Maung Post Office

The actual intention there was to have the nasi goreng ayam, but it’s Friday, I guess due to prayers, it’s not open :( The only option was the chicken rice… so since lazy wanna go elsewhere already, makan saja le....

Turn out it’s not bad at all… well, the stall is a lil bit run down, not super squeaky clean kind of place but have their fair share of regulars. Another place where not everyone will go, well again, for an obvious reason.


Not much difference with the chinese chicken rice, it has got the chicken with cucumber slice of course with soup and chili sauce, not forgetting the flavoursome fragrant rice.


Served in the kindy-like plate… with sections.. :D


Chicken meat is from roasted chicken and poured over with soy sauce.. pretty drenched… and the meat is tender and nice… so good enough for me :D


The sauce is yummy… it’s like diluted thai chili sauce with cili padi slices and chopped tomatoes…

Can’t remember the price though… but it’s not that expensive.. quite standard… gonna go try the nasi goreng ayam (fried rice with chicken) next… must remember not to go on Fridays… :D

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