Monday, July 27, 2009

Kocha Taiwanese Delight (台湾古早味), Burmah Road, Penang

I’ve been here several times but have never actually blogged about it… usually I’ll choose the set meals from the extensive menu… they offer a variation of dishes ala carte, hot pots, also set meals, and of course bubble milk tea….

ko14 The menu… the door to your Taiwanese delights experience…


Bubble milk tea of many different flavours… we chose the honey dew bubble milk tea and the yam bubble milk tea both with pearls @ MYR 4.30 each

ko3 It’s not exactly a huge outlet, but has it’s fare share of loyal and regular customers.

ko13 We decided to go ala carte this round… so we ordered rice and few other dishes… Plain rice with minced pork sauce @ MYR1.70.. the sauce adds a nice appetizing flavour to the rice… yummy…

ko7 Stewed tofu, with iron egg @ MYR6.50… would prefer if the tofu is infused with stronger flavour… iron egg is harder than a normal hard boil egg… so i guess it got it’s name iron egg from that…

ko9 Stir fry Brussels sprouts @ MYR 6.50. kinda oily though…

ko10 The cold drunken chicken @ MYR 10.50. It’s nice… better with more chinese wine…


ko12 Beef ball soup @ MYR 7.50. It has a very strong spices flavour. The beef balls are very chewy.. not bad… but also another oily fare.. :D




Our dinner meal for the day….. costs us MYR43…  also recommended to try their hot pot and set meals…. all pretty reasonably priced….


View from my seat….


Decorative items.. if I’m not mistaken, some are for sale too…. and it has few small aquarium tanks as the dining area divider… with pretty colourful fishes! Nemo and Dory is there too :P


Kocha Taiwanese Delights (台湾古早味)

229 Jalan Burmah, 10350 Penang

Contact ☎ 04-2275048

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