Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Salsas Restaurant, Upper Penang Road

It’s nice to be on leave from work and out for lunch somewhere further from work place sometimes. Best of all, you get all the time in the world to slowly savour and enjoy the meal instead of fast fast fast…. we only have an hour!!

It was Monday, where most of everyone wakes up early like every other day, to work. I on the other hand, enjoy my leave by sleeping an extra couple of hours and then head to town for lunch. It was early, not knowing where to go, we settled for Salsas for lunch. Arrived there only around 11 plus… so we were kind of one of the few early customers… It has got a nice setting and since they are the corner lot, they actually had glass window panels overlooking the busy road and the view of the night life area, Upper Penang Road instead of having plain closed up walls..

I have to say they made full used of it and also used a lot of mirrors to actually make the dining space look more spacious.


Set lunch was offered with extensive choices, and of course with different price tags, depending of what your order is. Prices ranging from MYR 13.50++ and above. You are certainly to be spoilt with the picks available.


Each set comes with either soup or salad of the day, soft buns and butter, a main course of your choice, desserts and coffee/tea/ice lemon tea/fruit juices (not the fresh ones)


My friend and I both decided to go for the soup, it was pumpkin soup that day and I have to say the portion is very generous. The soup plate is quite deep actually… the taste is pretty good, rich and thick….

ss21 Served with soft buns and butter, and ice lemon tea…


The buns has got kind of hard skin but very soft in the inside… nice!


They have a lot of stained glass art too, dividing 2 dining areas….


See what I mean with utilizing the mirrors to make the area look more spacious….


The colour combination is attractive, very lively…


We were early and it was pretty quite for the first 30 minutes…..

ss12 The our main course came.. first up was the mixed grill… can’t really remember the price.. but it’s somewhere MYR 20 something ++…

ss13Consist of chicken, beef, lamb and fish, accompanied by poached vegetables.. and kind of the signature.. cauliflower coated with if I’m not mistaken, bread crumbs….

ss14 Presentation was good, served pretty and taste at par. All the meat was tender, not overcooked, still succulent and freshness maintained, with some sauce to complement the dish..

ss15 I was pretty happy with my meal… portion is also not bad… very filling.. perhaps it’s because it’s all meat meat and meat!

ss16 Can’t remember what it is called but some kind of seafood platter at also around MYR20 something++. I think around MYR 2 to 4 more expensive than the mixed grill…

ss18 It has got one huge tiger prawns, mussels, fish and scallop accompanied by the poached vegetables as well. It’s not as filling I supposed.. but all grilled to perfection.. served with some sauce…


Desserts were served once we’re done with our meal… it has got one small piece of banana crumble cake, caramel pudding, and mixed fruits in shot class topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream….


The cake is actually nice but a little too sweet for our liking… the pudding was also just so so… The ice cream and fruits though had got no complain… :D


But it’s a nice touch, that we get to taste few types of desserts instead of just one…

ss1 By 12:30, it’s already full house… patrons from office buildings nearby come in for lunch… some even enjoy a bottle of cool nice beer on a hot Monday afternoon…


I like the glass art…


Many of my friend have been patronizing Salsas and they highly recommend Salsas for both lunch and dinner.. I actually agree… cause they serve good food, with good service and also very much reasonably priced. Looking forward for dinner some day….. or perhaps another lunch on off weekday :D

Salsas Restaurant, Hotel Continental (Ground Floor)

5, Penang Road, 10000 Georgetown, Penang

Contact ☎04-2633 923

Business Hours: 11.30am – 2.30pm

6.30pm – 11.00 pm

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