Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve Lunch & Gift Exchange @ Mizi Bistro, New World Park

It was initially a dinner plan with gift exchange among us but unable to find a suitable time for everyone, we took the half day chance to just go have lunch instead and the choice was Mizi Bistro at New World Park. Many will know this place for their famous yummy mushroom soup. Managed to book a table for 6 and good to know that they sticked with their normal set menu, rather than others that may take advantage especially these times of the year eg: Christmas Eve/New Year's eve to have a standardize blood sucking, throat cutting menu that cost you a bomb per pax.

The interior of Mizi Bistro

First gruop photo of the day..

They have ala carte items served as well like steak and lamb. Set was inclusive to soup of any 4 choices from the menu, a piece of wholemeal bread (healthy~haha) with butter, mains are from the poultry, fish and pasta selections (choices are pretty wide), a drink and free flow of ice cream, with that cost MYR 19.90++ per head. So it's worth every penny of it :) and everyone is happy with their own meal :)

Our mains, can't remember their names though... but you can get reccommendations when placing your orders..

After meal, that's when the gift exchange starts... and to determine the first to get and open their pressies, have to play paper scissors rock game :)

Mei Hee was the first to open, her gift was a shawl, chilli read... suitable for chinese new year... followed by Mooi Khim... I got her "shirts" for her car seats that are matching with her throw pillows cos she say she wanna decorate her car :D glad that she's happy with the gift..

Yen got lotions from faceshop and Si Mun got Banana flavour mascara from Mooi Khim... ooohhh~ wakakaka

I've got myself a pretty clutch from Branda Ding and she got a photo frame from Mei Hee. The word "Xin" (Heart) was handmade by Mei Hee. Nice eh~..

Group photos again before and after we reqeust and paid the bill :) Must take more photos so can find the nicest photo for Branda's new frame :D

Hanging around with again, lotsa photos....
With that one particular little Christmas tree... haha...
Christmas is over...looking forward for the next year's already....

Melynda's wedding dinner @ Kek Lok Si Vegetarian Restaurant (25th Dec 2008)

Wedding reception was a small one for bride's family members and close friends. There will be another reception in Klang tomorrow night after the tea ceremony in Nibong Tebal tomorrow morning... The couple will head direct to Klang once the tea ceremony is completed as bride's side. So it's gonna be a tiring journey for them... imagine the bride in the car, in her wedding gown...

Anyways, dinner was okay... vegetarian 8 course meal, with lotsa vege of course and mushrooms! my fav :)

Our table... only 5 of us... eating the share for 10 person :P but of course we could not finish everything...

First 4 courses, the four seasons consisting stir fry mix vege, corn custard-y fritters, and 2 types of mock meat, char siu like and i don't know how to explain how the other tasted like :) Mock shark fin soup with golden mushrooms, brocolli with assorted muchrooms in oyster sauce and mock prawn in curry sauce...

Mock fish kinda thai style, yam ring with assorted stir fry vege and mushrooms accompanied with deep fried vercimilli , lotus leave rice and longan..

Cake cutting ceremony... sweet couple... they have been together for.. urm.. 11 years..or was it 14? haha.. many years la i know...

Toasts for the couple!

Us taking photos as usual.. many shots, same pose same position :P

Final photo of the night... of course must have a photo at least with the couple la... :D

Congratulations to Melynda & Jun Yik for the wedding, may it be filled with loads of happiness and joy, and looking forward for the little one soon.. time to work harder now :P

Chicken Rice Shop @ Queensbay Mall

It was pretty tensed and stressed for everyone in the office that day... 18th Nov 2008... che wah.. sounds like so serious... wakakaka... it's just that everyone was pretty loaded with work, short of manpower and my manager sent out an email for lunch out for everyone that day... just to get off work for a while and just enjoy the lunch.... :)

So, we went to the chicken rice shop! that was my second visit. first visit was also with boss and some guys from IT.

Food is actually not bad.. but well.. i supposed it was because the ajinomoto content is really high. You'll get really thirsty after meal from there. Nonetheless, the selections are pretty okay.. 3 different types of chicken, roasted, steamed and braised. I prefer the braised most. The braised one are really tender and smooth. They offer fishball soups, vege like kailans, gado gado, mango kerabu, tofu, bean sprouts, pie tee and some chicken curry kapitan style, something like that. That's what we had and it was in a set.. The first time we came and they advised that they don offer the use of credit card.. so weird and why are u hanging the mastercard sign there? second time, not sure if the already sorted out the credit card usage.

As usual, photos sure ada..... :D

Aiyu Jelly also known as ò-giô, near jetty

I've finally got to taste the Aiyu jelly near the jetty, more known to Penangites as ò-giô. I've eaten before in SP, i remember that my bro loves to buy it from glutton square a.k.a 2nd road. not sure if it's the same one... tasted also a more commercialised one in Midvalley..

Always packed with customers.... and it's along the road near the Penang ferry jetty... it has got laksa stall, cuttle fish kangkung, yam kuih, chee cheong fan and sorts as well... But most customers main reason going there is because of the ò-giô.

Something yummy when the weather is unbearably hot... it has got the aiyu jelly, with canned lychee in syrup, lemon slice n juice, topped with shaved ice... sweet citrus-sy icy cold with soft jelly.... heavenly~
p/s: must slowly savour it else you gonna experience brain freeze... ouch~

McDonald's Prosperity Burger is back...

Prosperous times are back.. that's their tag line... yea.. prosperous to your waistline also :P

It's back for the second time for this year.. well, since CNY 2009 is only a month away... so have to come out earlier ler.... This time slighly different in sense of the foil like wrap for the burger... Sean says it's more expensive leh wrapping like this... i agree lo.. so that's why the don't package up Orange McFizz in the meal and give you the regular coke only loe... cis...

i'm not sure if they have the add up cash to change to Orange Mcfizz cos the person who took my order did not ask or give me the option.. i can't find also on the displayed menu... if got then my eyes somehting wrong d ler... if no then very stupid lo... i ordered one set d, then because i want to have Orange McFizz, i have to order separately for another drink ar? trying to drown me meh? or ask me to go wash hand with the coke? :P

twister fries is still the same... they don't have the chicken burger, but they have double beef prosperity burger this round.. very prosperous ey...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Joy to the world~ Merry Christmas 2008!

Joy to the world
The Lord has come
Let earth receive her King
Let every heart prepare Him room
And heaven and nature sing
And heaven and nature sing
And heaven and heaven and nature sing
Joy to the world
The Lord has come
Let earth receive her King
Let every heart prepare him room
And heaven and nature sing
And heaven and nature sing
And heaven and heaven and nature sing
Joy to the earth
The Savior reigns
Let men their songs employ
While fields and floods
Rocks, hills, and plains
Repeat the sounding joy
Repeat the sounding joy
Repeat, repeat the sounding joy
Joy to the world
All the boys and girls
Joy to the people everywhere you see
Joy to you and me

Joy to the world
All the boys and girls
Joy to the people everywhere you see
Joy to you and me

He rules the world
With truth and grace
And makes the nations prove
The glories of His righteousness
And wonders of His love
And wonders of His love
And wonders and wonders of His love

Joy to the world
All the boys and girls
Joy to the people everywhere you see
Joy to you and me
Joy to the people everywhere you see
Joy to you and me
Have a merry christmas everyone!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Team Building Meeting... sort of..

After Zamani's farewell dinner, Sha had to wait for her husband to come all the way from mainland to fetch her, so we decided to accompany her until the hubby comes... we waited in front of the restaurant initially until the hubby called and informed there's a huge jam in mainland entering the bridge.... since we're too lazy to stand and did not want to go back in the restaurant, we decided to drive to nearby cafe at jerejak's jetty since also a bit thristy... and guess what... it's closed...

so we just hang around, chitchatting, enjoying the seabreeze, take photos and then we started the conversation on team building... since most of us never been to jerejak..and there was never any teambuilding so far since i joined last May 07, hahaha... we were thinking that maybe we could just organize a one day tour to jerejak island to explore and join the activities they have... it then became... our first meeting.. for our.. urm... next outing.. so called teambuilding.. forseeing of not full participance, but heck we don't care, who wanna go, just folllow, who doesn't one, up to you, we no play force :D prolly 2nd sunday in this coming January... meeting adjourned when Sha's hubby arrived with her kids... and if i remember it clearly, it was 11 plus already... so imagine the jam...

Photos photos photos coming up~

Ber-posing around...

The jetty/pier to Pulau Jerejak by boat

Us and more of us below....

Wani trying to be creepy...

Tak habis habis ber-posing....

Zamani's Farewell Dinner @ Nurul's Ikan Bakar

I'm supposed to post the 3 previous farewell for this quarter but.. haha... let me just do it backwards la... from Zamani who's pursuing a new career path at his hometown KL, to Chin Chin who went to sister company, Savun who went to competitor and Josephine who got herself transferred to regional... so in total, 4 farewells in a quarter!! I hope that this is the last one... but forseeing a couple of farewells coming soon but good thing, should not be from my department.

Anyways, we organised a farewell dinner for Zamani last night, since his last day is today. Our choice was the ikan bakar near the marine quarters. Pretty nice place, spacious and lotsa tables and place to dine. there are few diff ikan bakar restaurants around, Suraya recommended Nurul's. they have these huts where patrons get to sit "kampung style" on the wooden floor with short table in the middle... haha.. pictures below for clearer view, in case you don understand what am I trying to explain.

There we 13 of us all CSE's as it was a little bit last minute plan so some could not make it..
Food was okay, we had 2 types of fish, a vege, deep fried squid, onion omelette and seafood tom yam. Pretty much something like what we had for Eddi's farewell.

Nice ambiance and fresh fishes to choose from...

Food served: deep fried squid, 3 flavour fish, grilled fish and kailan stir fry with salted fish.

Onion omelette, seafood tomyam and mangsa durjana.... (the fishes.. i mean... )

Zamani, with his speech, best of luck with your new career!!

take 1: Us in front of the restaurant

take 2: Us in front of the restaurant