Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dinner at Double Good Restaurant (好好), Bayan Lepas, Penang

My parents came over last Sunday for my bro’s convo and we decided to go for dinner nearby, so we went to Double Good…. luckily I called in the morning to make a booking cos it was full house by 7:00pm!

P1380696-1Ordering the food was very fast, one thing with double good is their menu is very extensive and they also offers new dishes from time to time which is not in the menu… the person taking the order was also very efficient and gave recommendations which ease the ordering process. We waited for around half and hour before food was served.


Initially we all ordered “tek chia”, sort of sugar came herbal tea but they are only left with 2 glasses we we took also.. mom said that it’s tasteless wor… so we ordered longan drink for the rest…


Everyone that patronize Double Good regularly would know their signature dish, the Indonesian Prawns, MYR25.00 for medium portion… cooked in curry style in a claypot with hint of salted fish, not too creamy with nice mouth watering aroma, not forgetting the fresh prawns too… Previously, my colleagues and I will go for lunch sometimes, and he would order Indonesian Chicken instead… so it comes with the same gravy but chicken in it.. they are pretty flexible to accommodate our order.


The gravy goes very well with the rice… I can eat that alone!


Kailan in 2 Types MYR12.00… one is regular stir fried with garlic, topped with deep fried shredded ones and anchovies… thought I’ll try something new, well, it looks nice and innovative but I’ll stick to other regular vege next time… it’s chewy and a little bland…


Their Special Bean Curd MYR12.00… This one is nice.. the texture is smooth, deep fried and topped with soy sauce and sprinkled with bits of salted fish and spring onions..


Cheese Mussels MYR12.00 for 6… not sure if it was baked cos there’s not hint of charred cheese at all… but it’s very nice… the cheese goes really well with the huge juicy mussels… topped with I’m not very sure.. perhaps also bits of salted fish??


Spare ribs in sort of sweet and sour sauce MYR12.00, also a good choice made. The gravy is yummy but most importantly, the spare ribs is tender… the bone came off easily even thought it was deep fried prior to the sauce.

P1380726 Taiwan Chicken  in Claypot, also more known as 3 cups chicken (3 bei ji)… which is just so so… I like my 3 cups chicken with strong taste of chinese wine.. but this only have a little hint… didn’t really like it…

Overall, I would say the meal was pretty pleasant.. I like 4 out of 6 dishes.. haha… kira pass la… The price is actually quite reasonable.. but of course if compared to some of the chu char place, their price is slightly expensive la… Nevertheless, it’s always full house during lunch and dinner especially.. So if you’re going in a big group, make your bookings in prior… else you would have to wait for your table… They do have another branch is located in Autocity (below address).

Double Good (Penang Island)
26, Jalan Tun Dr Awang, Sg. Nibong Kecil,
Bayan Lepas, Penang
Tel: 04-6434188
Business hours: 11 am to 3 pm, 6 pm to 10 pm

Double Good (Mainland)
1681-F2, Jalan Perusahaan,
Auto-City North-South Highway Juru Interchange,
13600 Prai, Penang
Tel: 04-5014188

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