Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mee Udang Ayu, Teluk Kumbar, Penang

I've finally made my way to Teluk Kumbar for mee udang (malay prawn noodles) again after a long while since my last visit to Ilyana’s and also Salwa’s. Since both of my colleagues got a promotion, it’s both of their treats! So thanks to Sha and Eliezer! I have been wanting to visit but didn’t have the time.. So I ajak my colleagues for lunch over at Ayu’s. (also thanks to Faisal for the reminder :D)

We arrived slightly early, not knowing that they only open for business at 1.00pm. So we told them we can wait…  The wait was worthwhile cos it turned out to be really better than both Ilyana’s and Salwa’s, hands down.
Not sure why the sign inside the place is stated as Mee Udang Cantik though… The place is clean, neat and comfortable.. feels like dining at a kampung environment home… and got one big lcd tv also leh… mai siao siao…
2010-0927 Mee Udang Ayu1
We encountered a funny yet selfish WIFI owner nearby… haha.. it states “Bukan Bapak Hang Punya”, simply means it’s not your father’s… cis.. as if la people want to use, when you already set the security…. doink… and it says be silent… I guess because it’s more of like a home business, the restaurant is located at the home compound and they have neighbours at both sides and opposite… maybe to avoid complaints…
After waiting for a while, the mee udang (MYR12.00) was served! It sure does look appetizing and the aroma was great! The soup is not too thick, but the colour is nice.. looks a little like chinese hokkien mee (also prawn noodles), served with half hard boiled egg, calamansi lime for the extra zest and flavour, fried shallots, sliced onions, spring onions, tomatoes and green chili.. and aiks… where are the prawns???
They are hidden under the noodles! 3 big fresh prawns! Really fresh and yummy!
If you order for special mee udang, you can opt for additional noodles or 3 big prawns, at a surcharge.
I have few colleagues that must eat rice everyday, so they ordered nasi goreng udang also at MYR12.00 (prawns fried rice).
2010-0927 Mee Udang AyuServed with sliced spring onions, green chili and tomatoes, anchovies and also 3 big fresh prawns. My colleagues said it’s good! Well, it sure does look good and appetizing….
My colleagues… yes, we are always in One Malaysia spirit.... :D
Even Jalan Jalan Cari makan from TV3 have paid a visit there before… hosted by Chef Wan’s daughter Serina…
There’s a sign right in front… There are plenty of mee udang shops all over the same area and they are pretty adjacent to each other…. Even Ilyana’s and Salwa’s are nearby….  it’s just that they are at the left turning and Ayu’s and Omar’s are on the right turning right after the Klinik Kesihatan and Police station…
P1380809-1 Outside the shop…. all regulars are familiar with the shop… they all arrived right on time. at 1.00 pm. And many of them I saw that day are chinese patrons… well, who doesn’t like fresh and yummy food…  :D Might try Omar’s one day… which is just a few metres away.. my colleague told me that it has been there since she was in really young… and that was like 12 to 20 years ago maybe…
P1380812-1Ayu’s Mee Udang address and contact details… and yes.. Do Call I B 4 U come… hahaha….
P1380814-1 The map of the location….

I have to say that this is currently my favourite mee udang after tasted all 3 different ones… :D

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u should try taat cafe at telok kumbar :)