Friday, September 17, 2010

Honey Dew Ice Cream from 600cc

Sometimes, besides indulging into finer ice cream, like Häagen-Dazs, Baskin,  New Zealand’s Natural etc, I enjoy eating the normal ice creams too… it reminds me of the schooling days where the uncle sells on his bicycle and potong the ice cream, put in on the cone and dip into crushed peanuts… Those are not very easy to come by.. those days, you can get one ice cream potong on a cone for 10 cents!

P1350900-1When i walked passed 600cc, I’m usually tempted to get myself a cone :D


This round, I did… with many flavours to choose from… I usually go for the large cone… price differs by number of scoops and comes with a topping of choice…


Flavours are many, but not as fancy as the finer ones mentioned above la.. and usually there are few  flavours are not available from the premium shops… haha… i don think you can find jagung (corn), yam, honey dew, durian and cempedak in Baskin’s or Häagen-Dazs lo…


Mine will usually be 2 scoops of honey dew ice cream with peanuts topping… in a large cone… easier to control than small cone… cos before I could finish, it will start melting, or maybe the whole scoop will ended up on the floor instead.. :P the cone actually tastes kinda nice too :D and it’s only MYR3.80


taufulou said...

heee..for the price of the ice cream some more double scoop cant even buy 1 scoop of baskin~ :D

Wenlynn said...

haha.. yea.. perhaps can buy the cone only :P