Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Postcard from Xiamen….

I have to say, I have a thoughtful counterpart friend (Cindy) from Guangzhou… whom I liaised with a lot and we became pretty good friends… In fact, I only liaised with her for less than a year before I meet her for the first time during my trip to Hong Kong back in 2008… I told her about my travel plans and we decided to meet up since it was also China Golden Week (end of Sept) so they have holidays… Our meeting point was Disneyland entrance… we’ve only seen each other’s photos, but it was not hard for us to recognize each other… and we clicked pretty fast and had real good time for the whole day in Disneyland.. I was there with my bro, and she was with her bf, so there were 4 of us… had dinner after that, and back to our guesthouse and continue chatting while the boys talked about gadgets and all.. I head to Tung Chung the next day while she went to Causeway Bay… we bid goodbye as she was to head home after that… She even left me her HKG sim card in case I might need to use it…

So while she was holidaying in Xiamen last month, she decided to send me a post card, well, hoping for it to arrive by my birthday… haha.. it didn’t.. it took 3 weeks for the postcard to finally reach Penang… but at least it did… she thought it was lost in post already… it was late but it’s the thoughts that counts.. so sweet of her.. I love receiving mails and stuffs, postman style… old school yet, it will soon have a lot of sentimental value in it…
from cindy1 Post card from XMN… with thoughtful messages…
from cindy
She got me these on our first meeting…  A pin for Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games, some food stuffs and a Maneki Neko. She said it’s for me to put in my car, there’s a little message in Chinese  on the below tortoise stating “Drive safe”… ^_^
Whenever she gets to know that one of my GAM (Irene) will travel to Xiamen to meet her counterpart, she will ask me if there’s anything I want from there :D So I’ll ask her the same and make Irene our exchange middle person.. haha… I will pack some stuffs from here and have Irene bring Xiamen, and David (Irene’s counterpart) to send over to Guangzhou… and she will send the stuffs over to David, and get David to pass it to Irene, and then to me :D That’s coconut biscuits and chicken biscuits from Guangzhou.. she says they are of the best… and she include a little organizer for me :D
P1010187-1 Few snapshots we took during our first meeting… back in 2008… time flies..
P1010194-1 I was actually quite surprise we managed to get along very well, although it’s out first meet…and it has been 2 years….. at this time 2 years back, I was really excited getting ready for my first trip to Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau!
P1010534-1P1010535-1 That’s us signing off from the park and off to the fireworks display… 

Well, We both have been pestering each other to visit… her coming to PEN and me going over to CAN.. haha.. well, we both look forward for the next meet.

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