Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Poached Egg Salad with Chicken Frankfurters

I woke up one lazy Sunday morning… it was last weekend actually…feeling a little hungry yet, very lazy to go out and get burnt under the hot sun… opened up my fridge and saw some greens I need to clear off before it’s all spoiled… that’s all I have beside the regular stuffs like eggs, some frozen food stuffs like chicken franks and cocktails…. So i thought, hm… why not make myself a salad with egg… it was initially planned for hard boiled egg, but then hungry me could not wait that long… I poached the egg instead while boiling chicken franks and cocktails on the next stove.


Cleaned the mixed garden salad, and into the spinner… my sis got me the salad spinner from Ikea… :D Very useful to get rid of the excess water…

P1360658It’s actually a very simple recipe.. I got my brunch ready in 10 minutes top!  While poaching the egg and boiling the black pepper frankfurters and cheese cocktails, I cleaned the salad, spun them dry,  placed it in the bowl, dashed in French dressing with some Italian herbs (I prefer Italian dressing to French but I’m out of those), other dressings work just fine with own preference, mix thoroughly and off to the plate.  Once done, I sliced the chicken franks and cocktails (these are all I have in the fridge that time), placed is on the salad, and finally my poached egg… Sprinkled fresh black pepper and viola!

P1360670 P1360671-1

Look at that hot yolk oozing out once I broke it with the fork… I’m not a big yolk fan… I know some would have scooped the yolk and eat it there and then!

P1360674 I mixed everything up and it became ugly messy there after.. muahahaha… And I finished up the whole plate!


AyuMi said...

sedapnya! i love egg! nanti nak try la... =)

Wenlynn said...

haha.. selamat mencuba... senang je.. untuk hari hari malas nak masak :P kuih raya mana ms ayumi?