Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Heart Croissants!

I personally love croissants, even by eating it plain! It has this rich butter taste… so fragrant, so soft, yes, kinda fatty! :P

I bought a pack from Continental Bakery @ Nagore Road the other day… the croissants are huge, soft, yet not too buttery and yes, i like! I think it was around MYR6 for 4 big croissants in a pack.

So it was Merdeka Day and I still have some potato salad and soup left over from the night before… I made myself a croissant lunch set… (it would be wasted if I eat just like that cos it’s big and you can stuff a whole lot thing inside!) Normal small croissant can fit only one frankfurter and some vege, over loaded already…


My set lunch which of course I could not finish :P Croissants filled with sandwich ham and honey ham each, with tomato slices and lotsa lettuce… my lunch set came with a bowl of left over sharkfin melon soup, potato salad, sugarless orange juice and a whole lot of fruits!


My ham stuffed croissant with some mayo and chili sauce…

lunch croissant

I only managed to finish the croissant, potato salad and had a little of the soup… could not even put anything more… haha.. so I kept the fruits and soup for dinner…


Having to have extra croissants left, I cooked chicken teriyaki and ginger and spring onion chicken… trying to be more adventurous… haha…

lunch croissant2

Brought the ginger and spring onion chicken croissant to work for lunch the next day. And did not manage to snap any photos cos I was too hungry I forgot :P Then I had the teriyaki chicken croissant for dinner…. haha.. Croissants  only the whole day and I’m not even sick of it :P


My teriyaki chicken was not too teriyaki-ish.. not too oily.. just mild teriyaki sauce… and well, goes pretty with with the croissant.. with lettuce and tomato slices… fusion eh…

Collages1-2 And the day after, I had ham croissant again for dinner… my last piece.. I have to finish it before it goes bad….


Packed with losta lettuce again, my tv dinner was ready to go….

Collages-1This time with barbeque sauce… Haha.. it’s actually the bbq sauce from Burger King.. The one from Bangkok airport..  it was for the chicken fingers but I did not use it, so I brought it home.. wakakakaka…. Croissants 3 days in a row, and I’m still loving it.. I can eat croissants everyday! No wonder I’m gaining weight laa……. ish!

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