Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hong Kong Revisited DAY 4 (2010-0119) Finale (Part 1)

Yes, super outdated post but I am missing Hong Kong still! Haha.. I’ve just noticed that I did not finish blogging about Hong Kong until I was talking to MK today, wanted to show her some good food pics and couldn’t find them in my blog… hmm.. then only… ohh… i blogged until day 3 only laa! MK is going to Hong Kong in 2 weeks… am sooo jealous!! hahaha… I wanna go too :(

Anyways, finale of my Hong Kong trip early this year will be full of photos! finale mah…  :P I’m not gonna story much.. will do more links for more information instead :D

avenue of stars1-1 

Started our day with MTR ride to Tsim Sha Tsui and headed to Avenue of Stars, via MTR station underground walkway.

avenue of stars -11

School kids out for a field trip, surveying tourists and it must be done speaking mandarin (pu tong hua) He sure did struggled reading all questions.. luckily we have few who reads Chinese and speaks both Mandarin and Cantonese to guide him.. :D

avenue of stars1-2 avenue of stars 4-1avenue of stars-1

Hong Kong Museum of Arts

avenue of stars 3-1

avenue of stars 2-1   avenue of stars 5-1 avenue of stars 6-1      

Victoria Harbour where Symphony of Lights can be viewed at 8:00pm every night, overlooking Hong Kong island…

clock tower-1


Hong Kong Clock Tower

harbour city1 

Harbour City Mall is just right next to Victoria Harbour… did not manage to visit the mall.. next round la.. :D

harbour city1-1

 harbour city-1 

Super cutesie decorations for Chinese New Year!

star ferry 11

Star Ferry from Victoria Harbour to Central (Chung Wan), Wan Chai and Causeway Bay(Tung Lo Wan)

star ferry-1

Trip on a Star Ferry to Hong Kong Island took less than 15 minutes…


The prominent IFC, Bank Of China, Standard Chartered, HSBC, Jardine House and majority Hong Kong Island Skyscrapers and financial buildings..

central 11

The Central Pier

to be continued….. (i have to separate to 2 parts cos it keeps failing when I attempted to post all together.. too much photos I guess… pissed me off when it keeps failing.. I’ve been trying to post for 2 days!!)


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