Saturday, September 4, 2010

Jacky is 6!

I got Jacky aka Kie Kie /Codie back in 2005, and he was 5 months old then. He’s the doggy I want the moment I laid my eyes on him. I never got to know his birth date.. but if backdated, he should be born in the month of August…  same as myself. So every year, my birthday is celebrated with him.. haha.. I gave him a birthday, and make it same day as mine. He’s my precious little boy….

Here to share a few photos I took with him on our birthday :D

P1360042 Mommy, this one can eat or not? *sniff sniff~

P1360045 P1360046 Test water, scared the birthday muffin will explode… *touch~ touch~, tap~ tap~

P1360082-2sP1360053-2s P1360061-2s P1360062-2s P1360063-2s P1360064-2s P1360072-2s P1360074-2s P1360076-1s P1360079-2sIsn’t he the cutest or what :D

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