Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Soul Kitchen Trattoria, Muntri Street, Penang

Well, I guess Soul Kitchen Trattoria is is not something that new to all, many have reviewed this place and so far all of them are pretty good ones… Hmm.. I have to agree with all of them… I made a visit during lunch hour the other day with my colleagues… drove all the way from office (Phase 4) all the way to town… haha… need to just get away from work a while sometimes… even if it’s just an hour lunch… made my second visit for lunch 2 days back… photos overload coming your way… :P I’m just gonna share the food photos first, then ambiance of the place… it’s a humble little place, yet cozy with music playing in the background…

P1360766-1Drinks menu is handwritten in a piece of sugar paper….


Banana Orange Apple Smoothie on the left, Papaya Orange Smoothie on the right… MYR7.00 each.. refreshing, not too sweet, just nice.. If only it’s a bigger glass… hehe…


Drinks with a sneak peek of the place… :D


Oh yea.. they have free wifi too… :D


Food menu are written on the board… offering a range of contemporary Italian-inspired menu.. choices are not extensive but enough to give you a hard time to decide what to eat… haha… they serve pasta (spaghetti and penne), Tramezzini (grilled sandwich), pizza, salad and dessert. Besides that, they offer menu for breakfast too…


Ordered tramezzini with turkey ham with roasted balsamic garlic sauce.. MYR10.00


It’s a little expensive I have to say, but I liked it a lot…in fact, we all liked it…  it’s a simple sandwich, with turkey ham, tomato slices, melted cheese and the sauce.. and guess what made it better.. MINT LEAVES! nice eh…


Up next was one of their house specialty, a favourite to many… Chicken Al Limone Penne, MYR19.00… Also slightly expensive…


Great combination of lemon juice, white wine, with tender chicken pieces, capsicum and carrot, topped with chopped fresh parsley and lotsa parmesan cheese…


I enjoyed this pasta dish as well :D


Al Funghi(Mushroom) Spaghetti also MYR19.00


Not too creamy, which is good else you will feel jelak halfway eating.. with generous amount of fresh mushrooms..


Tasted not bad as well, but I still prefer Chicken Al Limone although this is also as good…


Salsiccia (Herbed Sausage) Pizza, MYR15.00

pizza salsiccia1

We ordered it spicy and it came really spicy… haha..  But we still enjoy it a lot….


Salami Pizza, MYR10.00

pizza salami

After the encounter with the spicy one, I find this a bit mild, with tomato paste and aromatic herbs..  The toppings though is not that generous…


Last came the tiramisu…MYR10.00 per piece… the portion though is a little small… But it’s good… the sponge fingers are perfectly moisten, and the mascarpone cheese are just nice…


Now you see, now you don’t… well, I like it.  Seriously, I can finish the whole tray if you give it to me :P

counterNow, tour around the place… haha.. it’s a small place actually… the 1st floor is their personal private area, where they stay, and they turn the ground floor into a small cozy trattoria!   With simple decorations and some vintage stuffs… that’s the coffee maker that gives the place a nice coffee aroma.. so, I’ll be back for coffee one day.. :)


The counter, coffee making area, utensils desk, menu board and the entrance to the kitchen…

miscCutleries and condiments trays…. handwritten menu with nice paperweight…    forrest

Their pet dog, Forrest… he’s one good boy… and friendly too! :D


The humble trattoria…

Collages1Stairs to their personal area, with vintage and simple decorations.. kinda retro huh.. :) There’s this interesting old radio+clock, bottles with meted wax, a string of postcards, I saw one of their wedding photos too :), an old briefcase with magazines and books..


misc1More photos of the place….

P1360789-1They serve you food and drinks, and also a SMILE! :D The couple are very warm people… and yeap, near to Cititel as you can see at the background…outside      Outside the place, they also have open air outdoor seats…

P1380160-1Overall, it’s a nice place with good food and ambiance. Food are cooked from heart and beautifully presented, and with the warm service and the smiles, it’s worthwhile for visits once in a while… Before I left on the last visit on Sunday, CK Lam and family walked in.. first time seeing her after following her blog for some time… she’s much prettier in person :D  clad in t-shirt with her blog’s name.. guess she’s out for “work”, hunting good food again :D

Soul Kitchen Trattoria (Opposite Hainan Association, some famous porridge place, and Jimmy Choo’s Sifu’s shop… Hong Kong Shoes)
102, Lebuh Muntri, Penang
Tel: 04-2613118
Business Hours : 10am – 3pm & 6pm – 9pm (Closed on Tuesday)

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