Monday, September 6, 2010

Hong Kong Revisited DAY 4 (2010-0119) Finale (Part 3)

*continuation from part 2…

central 5_thumb[5][4]

Took a slow walk to The Peak’s station… walked passed St John’s Cathedral. This beautiful Cathedral is built in the shape of a cross.

the peak_thumb[5][4] 

Reached The Peak’s station, mostly all exhausted already… noticed my ankle guard still there cos I sprained my ankle on the third day :( But it did not stop me from walking around Hong Kong! Best time to go up is prolly around 5pm plus (earlier if you have plans for Madame Tussaud’s cos it may take up to 2 hours if you take photos with each and every wax figures), but must arrive earlier cos you have to queue for the tram! By the time you arrive, walk around, you’re in time to watch the sun sets and the sky changed it’s colours.

the peak8_thumb[5][4]the peak1_thumb[5][4]

Inside the tram..

the peak2_thumb[5][4]

This is the old tram, which is now placed as an exhibit..

the peak3_thumb[5][4]

Outside Peak Tower

the peak5_thumb[4][4]

Magnificent view of Hong Kong Island and also Tsim Sha Tsui… pretty isn’t it?

the peak4_thumb[6][4]  the peak6_thumb[6][4] the peak7_thumb[4][4]

Can’t get enough of the beautiful view…

central 2_thumb[5][4]    

Once you’re arrive at the lower station again, hop into the open top busses to enjoy the view of the city…

tsui wah dinner4_thumb[6][4]

Went back to Wellington Road and had dinner at Tsui Wah Restaurant, also a chain restaurant in Hong Kong. It’s just right opposite Yung Kee. The menu is pretty extensive, and it has few floors, big restaurant with many customers too. It’s like the cha chaan teng type of restaurant…

tsui wah dinner_thumb[6][4]  tsui wah dinner3_thumb[5][4]

Tomato beef rice, pork chop baked rice, and did not manage to take photos some of the food cos everyone was starving and start digging in the moment the meal was served. And my hong tau ping (red bean ice)…

lan kwai fong_thumb[5][4]

After dinner, we took a stroll to Lan Kwai Fong (more info here) did some light shopping, and head back to Prince Edward where our hotel is situated. I headed back to PEN the next day while my sis spent another 2 days since they arrived 2 days later than me.

I want to go Hong Kong again!!!

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