Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hong Kong Revisited DAY 1 (2010-0116)

  It’s just gonna be photos photos photos.. :Pkowloon park-1 Kowloon Park… Need to walk pass this park after my torturous ferry ride from Macau… It’s a pedestrian walk away from the China ferry terminal & connecting hotel, the Royal Pacific Hotel.

kowloon park-2 Strolling all over with my big luggage! Got fountain lagi….

kowloon park-3 And there’s an uncle working on his master piece and gladly gave a quick tutorial to an interested passerby….

kowloon park-4 Look at the blooms… so loving it… bright and pretty….

kowloon park-6 Entrance of Kowloon park…. 5 minutes walk to the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR….  During my last visit, I stayed  at Yiu Fai Guesthouse, 5 minutes from this park, right opposite the MTR station and I did not manage to go… when i was actually supposed to..  the owner of the guesthouse (Raymond) I was staying told me it’s around 10 to 15 minutes walk to the ferry terminal (which is true).. but my luggage was too heavy then, I chose to pay HKD60 for a taxi!


This time, I stayed in in Oriental Lander Hotel, which is very reasonably priced… around MYR200 per night (booked via Asia Travel) and is around 10 to 15 minutes walk from the nearest MTR, Prince Edward Station. The room is very small, well, see for yourself… 2 single beds (which are smaller than regular 3” single beds, i think it’s only 2” and a half),  around 1” space in between. But overall, the room facilities were pretty okay.. after all, I’m there to sleep only cos I’ll be out all day. Location wise is not very prime.. it’s opposite the fire station and rather quiet at night…. Tsim Sha Tsui is still a better option, but you can’t get this kind of facilities at this price there… :D


First lunch was in one of the most recommended Mido Cafe, along Temple street (Exit B2 from Yau Ma Tei Station)… We ordered Spare Ribs Baked Rice (HKD48) and the Fried Noodles with Sliced Pork (HKD40). There are 2 of the few famous dishes there…. bit i felt that the rice is just okay… not sure why… but I think the pork there tasted a little different… And that’s my Ice read bean with milk… nice and refreshing… but still cannot beat my hometown’s Ang Tau Kah :P

mido-1 mido-2

Mido Cafe is a landmark in temple street and they’ve kept the last century ambiance pretty well… look at the cash register and the booth seatings….

mongkok n ladies market-2

Ever busy Mongkok…..

mongkok n ladies market-1   Ladies Market…. lotsa things to see, lotsa things to bargain and buy!

street food-1

Hong Kong street food… smelly tofu would be the well known one but I did not try it even this round… maybe next round :P but i had curry fishballs which are really hot and spicy! And bacon wrapped cocktails skewer… In fact there are variety of skewers to choose from… and also cow’s spare parts :P

hui lau shan-1

Desserts at Hui Lau Shan…. Mango pudding! I had the same order as my previous visit…

first day buys-1 My buys on my first day…. 2 pairs of flats for HKD130 (regret that I did not buy more!).. new pair of kitten heels boots HKD150, cos the one I was wearing that time had higher heels and it was killing me! some scarfs.. only HKD10 each! my bag.. I think around HKD 100… fedora and ski cap.. HKD20 each! cheap like mad! And when I thought I want to go back and buy more, I could note find the shop! Memory lost or the shop closed down? I wonder….

Coming up Hong Kong Revisited DAY 2 (2010-0117)

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