Sunday, April 18, 2010

American Chocolate Cake

I’ve made chocolate cake today… Steamed American chocolate cake to be exact… and it’s really good :D One of my weekend project….2010-419 I’m a lazy bum, so I got premix from the ingredient shop… hahaha.. which is also good cos you do not have to buy full sized pack of each ingredient when you only need to use some of each… and premix will never go wrong! And since i don have an oven, I opt for the ones I can steam instead..
This is the second shop I know of selling baking ingredients and utensils besides Cooking island in Penang. It’s located in Pulau Tikus opposite Tonki Bento and Public Mutual. The name’s Bonjour! I like going into baking ingredient shops! They have all sorts of ingredients and utensils… and I want them all! from ingredients to premix-es. and for now, If I wanna make cake in Penang, i have 3 options, the American chocolate cake, banana cake or carrot cake… haha.. so i have another 2 to try! can’t wait… and when I get myself an oven here, I’m gonna do a lot of baking during the weekend!
2010-423 Only MYR 7, and you’ll get a 9” cake! They provide step by step as well, very simple and you get yourself a yummy moist cake in less than an hour… hassle free!
2010-421While you get your ingredients beaten in the mixer for 4 minutes (you can use hands too but the guy told me it might not rise that much), get your steamer ready and your water boiling…  I used a 9” round pan… and after 35 minutes, I’ve got myself a nice chocolate cake… It had risen to around 3” tall. I guess you can use 10” pan for more servings.
2010-422 Tested with the bamboo skewer and it came out clean! It’s a success! wahahaha… cut the cake for my first bite and yummy, very pleased with end result! I’m so gonna bake this cake again for my mommy :D

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