Sunday, April 18, 2010

Garden Pasta Salad with Pan Grilled Chicken

Woke up middle of the night and could not sleep yesterday.. and thinking that it is only hours before I am suppose to wake up and go to office for my half day work and gym there after, I thought I’ll just make my paste earlier so I can have them for brunch… instead of only making them after coming back from gym.. so I made my pasta and grilled my yummy chicken piece at 4:30 in the morning!! 2010-419 Took out my “traffic light” capsicums and bro offered to julienne them for me :D 
I’ve made this pasta before but slightly improvised it… added some french dressing for the sourish kick, and ground black pepper since I’m out of Italian herbs…
And of course upgraded it a little, with pan grilled marinated chicken… and it turned out so yummy… no specific marinade actually.. I actually put a little of everything I have on my shelf.. black pepper, few types of chilli sauce, bbq sauce, and even unagi sauce.. haha.. no harm experimenting right… I’ve bought this Tefal grill pan for a while now and I’ve finally make use of it!2010-420Topped it on the pasta and leave it to chill in the refrigerator. Went to show off to my bro on my master piece and asked him to try the tiny bit of my yummy grilled chicken and I serve him a plate of it… cis… haha… but I’m more than glad to… :D so he had early breakfast at 5:00am!
2010-422Mommy, can I have some?
No, got onions, it will kill you!
I want the chicken only…. *puppy face
OK laa… only this one teeny piece and off to bed…
YAY~ *wags tail

2010-423 I got more adventerous, I threw in freshly chopped cilantro/coriander for the asian touch! fuhh~ the smell~ good! I do not eat cilantro last time due tot the strong taste… gosh.. as i grow older, I am eating stuffs I don’t eat and don’t even want to look at last time… well, which is good.. cos I’m eating more greens now!

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