Monday, March 8, 2010

Potluck session – Lunch in office

This was the last potluck session in the office we had and it was last August :P Time flies, seriously fast!

So as usual, few will share and bring a dish, and this round was pretty okay… just nice for everyone… not much leftovers compared to the earlier session we had… everything was just nice..


We had fried rice with sambal ikan bilis which was yummyyyyy… really yummy… hard boiled eggs and papadem…


Spaghetti bolognaise, mushroom soup and salad…

Collages2-1Some kuih.. the green one is called lopeh… i forgot the name of the other one, cheese tarts and the putu.. something like that…


Mango pudding, tuna and egg mayo sandwiches, fresh fruits and tau fu fah..rd 2009-821

All nicely spread… so nice of me leh… I’m giving you people ideas for potluck leh.. :P previously I’ve posted a few on potlucks.. during Deeparaya and also during last Christmas when we went to Jen’s. I’ve got few potluck sessions with ideas I have not posted… more to come :DCollages-1  And my manager ordered sweet looking cupcakes too!

rd 2009-8211 And because it’s so pretty, I took a lot of photos of it….

cupcakes-1  And more and more…


Just imagine if it’s Su’s cupcakes from Delectable.. Love her work.. her cupcakes and cakes.. I might take photos until my camera run out of battery lo… :P

Well, looking forward for another session… not sure when though…. :P

Sunshine Market Mini Kaya Siew Pow, Bayan Baru

I don’t know if this is called siew pow or not…  I gave it the name myself cos of it’s resemblance with Seremban Siew Pow with char siu fillings in it and bigger in size… This one however is mini in size and has got yummy pandan kaya fillings in it.. 


MYR 1 for 4.. or was it 5? hahaha… short term memory lost again…


And it’s hot from the oven! so beware.. you don’t want the hot kaya fillings to burn your tongue!

rd2009-930  So yummy and additive… it’s tiny so you won’t feel too jelak eating it…

Coffee Island, Gurney Drive

I’ve been to Coffee Island.. say…. urm.. twice… first visit was a late one and there we a lot of people..  second visit was after work with Calvin and Kevin.. it was still early and not that packed yet.. I prefer it better than it’s too packed with people… and the music is not very loud yet… it gets louder later at night… Not sure if it’s that many people there now… cos my last visit was… months back…. :P

Collages10-1They have got a very colourful menu with photos of most or perhaps all of the food offered… I like this kind of menu… at least you know what you are expecting… and the menu have got huge selection.. i like…


Ambiance was okay… they have both open air and air conditioned area… just like I said earlier, when the place gets too packed and the loud music much later at night, it gets a little bit difficult to talk and hear each other.


Heineken – MYR50.00 per bucket


Honey dew juice – MYR4.90 – Quite big glass of it… not sure if they charged extra for the milk I asked for or not…


Seafood Crispy Noodles – MYR 7.50 Not sure if it’s good or not but seeing Calvin walloped the whole plate up… must be okay la..


Southern India Chicken Curry served with tomato rice – MYR 12.50 I had this and it’s not bad… the chicken curry was good, and love the sambal on the ikan bilis (anchovies) only the papadam was not crunchy…  so fattening lo… but fattening food are all nice leh…


Presentation was also good… I am happy with my order…


Chulia Street Fried Rice Noodles – MYR 7.50… Char mee suah.. i felt it was a bit oily… Collages-1 

Ham Dish Roll – MYR 8.00 Well, I thought it was just okay…


Tempura bowl – MYR 8.50 .. nothing great.. tempura vegetables only… some what a bit to big chunk and perhaps it’s big, it took longer time staying in the hot oil.. the vegetable itself soaked up an amount of it, so when you bite on the vegetable, you can feel excess oil flowing out from the poor broccoli…


Food presentation was good, it was served to you looking all pretty.. taste wise is not that consistent… not all manage to please my palate :P  pricing wise is just okay… some of the item I felt quite over priced… while some.. ok la… reasonably priced..

Collages5-1Coffee Island is located along Gurney Drive, you cannot miss it with its bright lights and all…

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Matsuki Japanese Restaurant, Cantonment Road

Went out with Mun on our leave day, while others have to be working on a nice Friday… hahaha… but it was end of last year though… Our initial plan was to go gym later that day which… did not happen.. hahaha.. lazy bumps…

Anyways, went to Matsuki for lunch.. it was late already but lucky enough, they still allow us in and be their last customer for lunch that day :P


Matsuki has a very simple interior… it somehow reminds me of kindy classes though..  :P Sushi bar is also available and they offer quite a selection of set menu as well, at a very affordable price and better still, it has got a complimentary scoop of Häagen-Dazs® ice cream!


Mun ordered Salmon Garlic Set – MYR 16  consisting a bowl of rice, pickles, some stir fry vegetable with mushroom, chawanmushi, miso soup, a couple slices of honey dew, the garlic salmon with fresh vegetables and one scoop of ice cream!


Looks yummy right? :D Well, she initially ordered salmon teriyaki but the waitress told her they ran out of salmon teriyaki…


But howcome I can get my Chicken Teriyaki Set – MYR12.00?? hahaha… we were wondering too…


My set came with the same sides and desserts, except of course with teriyaki chicken la… sprinkled with lotsa sesame and sauce!

Collages2-12009-1006I am happy with my set and it one of the cheapest chicken teriyaki set meal I’ve ever had. Such a good deal! with Haagen Dazs ice cream!  I got a scoop of mango ice cream… nice and satisfying… can i get another scoop? :P

Collages3-1Matsuki charges 10% service tax, so we paid MYR 30.80 for both sets, left with a happy tummy and head up to Hard Rock Hotel to stroll along the beach and jalan jalan around the hotel for a while and of course, we did not leave without taking some photos lo :P

Matsuki Japanese Restaurant

62, Cantonment Road, 10250 Penang

Contact ☎ 04-2295504

The Manhattan Fish Market, Queensbay Mall

It has been a long while since my last visit there.. so go figure la…. another delayed post… but I guess most, of course have already been to Manhattan Fish Market themselves since it hit our shores years back..  so I’m gonna make it more of a photo blog of the day ler :P


Visit their site for more info.. they have got nice soothing music too :D

 mfm2 mfm3

The 3 basic condiments…. chili sauce, was is garlic or ginger? hahaha.. see… one thing bad about delaying posts… you forget things! and tartar sauce…. or was it just plain mayo? aih *knocks head


Their mushroom soup… i cannot remember how it tasted like… so it’s not a memorable one lo..


Manhattan Seafood Platter for Two… Deep fried fillet, calamari, oyster and their award winning flaming prawns served with chips and garlic rice… nice!


If you don’t prefer fried stuffs, you can go for the Grilled Gala Platter for Two.. Perfectly grilled prawns, fish, calamari and mussels served on a bed of chips and garlic rice… we had both platters for Sean’s birthday.. and it was like… urm… very long ago looo! We had pizza for his birthday last year.. so this must be in 2008 lo… ooopps.. I miss QBM days sometimes…and I remember, this was good too!  just nice for 4 person.. in fact you can feed 5 or 6 if they are with small appetite…

mfm7 This was during a trip with Melynda, days before her wedding.. so it was also like a year plus back looo.. wahahahaa.. jia lat… i missed this one out when posting other newer yummy treats… Baked Fish in Garden Herbs… Finely baked fillet in natural garden herbs, served with rice… I think it was garlic rice… so our then, bride to be was cutting down carbo for her wedding, she asked them if they could  just change the rice and give her fresh salad instead… they said sure.. well, the order came like the original one…

mfm8with rice! hahahhaa…. the fish was good actually and it goes well with the rice.. well… she told  the waiter that she asked for fresh salad to be changed with the rice….


Nice enough, the waiter came back with a bowl of salad and said it’s complimentary since they made a mistake with the order.. so ms-wanna-diet got both salad and rice with the fish… hahaha



So this was her fresh garden salad on the left and my Manhattan Caesar Salad on the right…


Romaine lettuce tossed in Caesar dressing and topped with fresh grated cheese, croutons and egg slices. Light end refreshing… I think I should go back to my salad diet… it’s after CNY after all… i have clear it off and get the spare tyres off… :P

mfm11The Manhattan Fish Market

LG-120 Queensbay Mall
100, Persiaran Bayan Indah
11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang
Tel/ Fax : 04-6461 620

Also available in Gurney Plaza, Juru Autocity and Sunway Carnival Mall

Restoran Kapitan, Chulia Street

Kapitan actually has few different branches, one is in Bayan Bay opposite Queensbay mall, one is at gurney tower next to Starbucks and my preferred one is at Chulia street, near the Fire station.


They have variety of drinks offered in the menu… besides regular drink you can get at mamak like sirap limau, bandung (sirap+milk), and teh tarik kinda drink, you can get……


Lassi! Mango lassi MYR 3.00 and orange lassi MYR 3.50 are my all time favourites!

And I personally feel the the briyani in chulia street taste better and it sure look more appetizing than the one in Gurney tower… hmm.. aren’t they suppose to be standard? The ones served here is heated in the claypot on top of fire but the ones I last had in November last year at Kapitan Gurney tower was like merely briyani rice out from a rice cooker, topped with the chicken and served.. it’s not hot at all.. hmmm…


Chicken briyani MYR 6.50 with tender chicken pieces topped with mint leaves and cherry tomato…yummy!

Collages3-1a (3)

Collages3-1a (2)

Mutton briyani MYR 7.50 was equally good! With generous pieces of tender mutton and the nice fragrant rice.. simply the best briyani in claypot I’ve ever had so far..

Collages3-1a (1)

Tandoori chicken set with garlic naan MYR7.50 served with huge piece of garlic naan, juicy and tender tandoori chicken pieces, with coleslaw/dhal curry, mint sauce and chilli sauce, onion slices and lime.




You can opt for chicken thigh and drumstick piece too… i prefer the meat pieces cos it's easier to eat :P


Sauce to go with the naan… I like the red chili sauce!

Besides this, they have many other dishes in the menu like indian pizza, fish head curry, huge selection of roti and naan, fried noodles and rice… also a nasi kandar counter with lines of different curries and dishes to choose from… you’ll be spoilt with choices, you just want to have all of them!

Restoran Kapitan

Chulia street, right opposite the Kapitan Keling Mosque